Tuesday, July 10, 2018




Summer heat released fresh air
flowed first shadows of the rain
warmth came into my chest
do not know
feelings are, or the invited love?
As the spider landed in my nest
shoot the volcano of goodness
rays of beautiful life
granted me without asking my past.
You traveled through my blood vessels
purifying the paths of sin
repelled my malice ego
planting the sincere nature.
Sobered I asked repentance
promising loyalty
I hugged your beauty
modesty, the simplicity I enslaved.
Deriding my arrogance
directing me towards calm waters
I learned from your patience
I am the slave of sincerity
a bondman who does not jealous
tool that will enter into the fire
water that will flood the evil
insatiably will travel
to the end of the road-life
do promise
with love, loyalty, I will feed you ...

Mediators Between GOD And The WORLD

... The existence of spiritual beings, civilizations admit ..
Midnight, under the lights of stars,
mosaic of colors, warns,
apocalypse expected end of life,
time when existence, gets the last shape.
Jibrail / Jibril, Gabriel, religions accept,
Archangel, implementer of the Declaration,
communicates with prophets, announces,
brings good news, to the kingdom on earth.
At that place, marks the Holy Books,
many angles have warned human race,
present is the Angel Mikhail, he will reward,
people who are built with sincerity.
Azrael, Azraaiyl known as the angel of death.
responsible, separates soul from the body.
It is close, nearby, waiting,
impartial, at the right time to act,
when? Secret is that we do not know!
Israfil-Raphael, will blow the trumpet at the end of time,
tearing down the Apocalypse, for all creatures,
we will be lined up , expect shocked,
end of humanity, death to the whole Mankind,
is out of the time, awaits us resurrection.
Stated very well, there are three spaces,
purgatory universe, between hell and paradise,
the place, where the account will be given,
shares the good and the mean,
the eternal cosmos is to be divided to honesty and evilness.


'Says, again I'
hugged the letter, merged on the horizons,
lonely, wounded, wandering the streets,
I met maestro, being stately
said take me, I’d like to feel heights.
Looked at me, like the knowledge lights,
magic wand shook my body,
as a boy by the hand directed me,
to the path of poets' and goodness.
Swinging, due to fear of beauties,
stopped, wanting calmness,
come and enjoy the voice of greatness,
rude feelings surrendered silence.
Children’s primer lead the books,
lured with the friendship of the verses,
voiceless in this idyll paradise,
came out of idle of bitterness.
In time passed the narrow alleys,
years, decades, invariably greeted us,
were there, *Qerbelaja, *The Poem of Misery, *The River Side
all were gathered near the water of eternity.
*Famous poems of Albanian Poets


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