Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Paralysed Tears

Gently crept the piercing pain, of a shadowed dark destiny,

Tearing apart every sense of sanity...

Draining away every bit of clarity,

As each desire's screeching agony, echoed through an empty hallway,

Fumbling words printed together, yet another tragedy to remember,

Each screaming howl for help, seemed to vanish in vain,

For every hope drawn forward, seemed convinced of this denial game,

All that now remained certain, was a definite future upon an uncertainty throne.

Could this endless agony cease its existence...

Though every thought shattered without a trace, within a world of an endless trance...

Could there prevail a faintest hope for a possible survival...

For, history speaks of a different tale,

Of battles fought within the arms of velour across a family's pride,

Never did there seem to claim an innate sense of belonging ,

Never did a tear shed through an icy cold hollow soul,

For, lost forever was a warrior's heart,

Within a solitary confined room, of endless paralyzing space!!!

A Miracles Plea

A thousand words to summon a divine aura,

Laying still upon a pedestal of eternal hope,

Every dream humbly blended within each passionate heart,

Only to awaken the illuminating energy of a miracle indeed,

As her eyes revealed a radiance never known to man,

The supple soft lips, swayed to a tune forgotten by many,

A purity never seen before, now rose in acceptance of the present times,

An instant sense of shiver wrapped its arms around the pure miracle,

For , lost was she in a world awaiting her arrival,

Her heart longed the touch of a sincere human soul,

Her eyes steady, watched eagerly as auras a many swung past her,

She smirked at the irony, displayed upon her,

For, as much as her heart desired a company...

So was she required by many?

A quick wave of her thick locks, and she knew the answer instantly,

Drawing every bit of what strength she portrayed,

A sincere, humble plea she now made.

"Let me be you, through every action and deed. For I live only within you, as a miracle indeed"!!!

An Inner Canvas

In a canvas, scribbled over time,

Pictured a fragrance of emotions within a reality...

Both eternally entwined,

An elegant simplicity, known to touch and kindle the deepest secrets,

As hidden they lay, forgotten, unwanted yet desirable by the human kind,

Do tender words engraved upon trembling colours portray the path that leads within...

For them prevails a desire to cherish the sincerity destined within every reluctant tear,

Thus began a marriage of both worlds,

As the deniable reality, craved solace within a delusional array of fascinating colours,

Both crippled over time, lost to be found,

Yet again, through a soaring shade of passion scribbled over time!!!


SMITHA VIJAY ANAND: From the beautiful land of opportunities called Chennai which is the capital of Tamil Nadu, towards the south of India. She has finished her primary education in Muscat, Oman,  and her college in India.  Right from the very young age poetry has been her first true love. It gave her unimaginable strength to soar above and pour out her most inner emotions. It is her dream to touch the most deep conscious of human beings and bring in a ray of hope even in the most darkest of moments. 

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