Tuesday, July 10, 2018



The Sweetest Angel I Knew

She was my mom
She was my everything
She was my biggest supporter
She was an Angel in disguise
Sweetest Angel I ever knew,
Simply full of love~

She lives on the heavenly shore
Walking in God’s presence
No more pain or hurt
Only pure sweet love
The sweetest Angel I ever knew
Everyone told me then and before~

My mom, an angel is someone that completes,
Completing everyday of this blessed life
The smile that she would share with all,
Runs down deep inside our thoughtful hearts
Is the Angel we all knew and loved~

The Sweetest Angel I ever knew
Was my mom, a woman so true
That I miss everyday
As she walks on the heavenly shore~
Debbie Brooks 2018 @

A Tree In The Heavens

Reach for the heavens I heard him say
with all your colors that would take you away
the tree of life flies above all else
When mourning bells do toll
All hear the final call~

The stars --- those dreamless Trees
Would fall as tears of skies
The moon would lose its glow
The stream would have no flow~

All fish would fall asleep
In an ocean vast and deep
But cheerful bells would chime
For the tree who conquered time~
Debbie Brooks © 2018

Story Yet Told

A story yet told
love of the highest caliber
with Angels singing once again
tears were swallowed of days old
laughter rang in the rafters where the stars shined brightly
butterflies danced in the Abode of God once again
where the birds sang loudly as she slept
no more pain was to be, she smiled
her last smile at he....

It was the most wonderful love story told of date...

The flowers with colors that grew once again
blues and purples mixed lost in her face in golden hue
that grew in the seventh heaven in a state of ecstasy
her eyes opened to find pure love,
her prince no, someone of stately grace
that twirled her around to find the last dance had been played
to find a majesty of a being by her side...

It was her King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Her Savoir the Christ The Lord.

Yes, It was the most beautiful love story ever told~
Debbie Brooks @ 2018


DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD has been writing all her life, she is a published Author fifty-one books. You can find her on Lulu.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. She is V.P.  And marketing director of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS, LLC AND WILDFIRE MAGAZINE.


  1. Author Deborah Brooks Langford is a profound poet whom I earnestly enjoy reading her work.

  2. Wonderful Author, Poet, and woman. Enjoyed reading your work here. The poem, "A Tree In The Heavens" was incredibly beautiful. ~~ Barbara Suen~