Tuesday, July 10, 2018



The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd and my only hope,
He guides and leads me every day,
When at times I am lost,
he finds me and brings me back to him.

I fear nothing for I have faith in my Lord,
he nourishes me and cares for me,
he brought me out of darkness.
With my Lord besides I have nothing to fear.

I know that my Lord has carved me in the palm of his hands
and he will take care of every of my needs,
Many tongues flatter, and hang loosely;
but I don't care for as long as the Lord is with me
I have nothing to fear.

Thank you Lord for you are my shepherd,
my guide, my guard, my superstar,
and triumph and walk with confidence
with the Lord on my side.

Birth Of The Savior

The velvet black sky is draped with silver twinkling stars,
while a bright star shone ever so brightly,
telling of a wonderful thing that happened that day.
The day our little Jesus was born,
born to a poor carpenter and a beautiful mother,
born a little prince but in a manger,
that was so cold and dark, but
only the shepherds and their goats, their sheep, and donkey
that kept the little Lord Jesus warm in his Manger.

As they feared Herod and his vicious plans;
they traveled to Bethlehem on foot with Mary seated on a donkey
carrying baby Jesus in her womb,
They traveled many places and found no Inn that could shelter them,
The little Lord Jesus was born in a manger to Joseph and Mary
on 25th of December

This beautiful day is celebrated all over the world with pomp!

Come Walk With The Lord

The world is full of earthly attractions,
that as human beings;
they fight with each other,
have grudges and hate.
There is no use as the wordily
pleasures will be here only temporarily.

Just give up everything
and look for the spiritual gifts,
the gifts that will last forever.
Leave what you are doing
and follow the Lord
as you will be blessed.

Everything on this earth is temporary,
as long as you live you will enjoy
but when you die it is all gone.

Look into your soul,
see what you really need,
stop the madness of trying
to get riches that will not keep you happy.

Come walk with the Lord
follow in his footsteps
and then count your many blessings.


SHALINI MASCARENHAS: She loves to write and loves to dabble with words. She enjoys in writing true life experiences and sometimes imaginary. She is a mother but a widow and has three beautiful children. She works in Dubai in the Middle East and has been there for over two decades.

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