Tuesday, July 10, 2018



The System That Cage Us.

They never want us to say
Because they say is equal to putting same to our face

They train us to keep our little secret
But those little secrets are our mighty miseries

They say we should never sell our pride
But our rights we are deprived

They say we must cry in the hide
So that our voice will never be heard

They say we never say because we
Don’t have a space in the class

They say they care, and are there but few who escape to be under their
Shades are not even safe.

They say their own about their thrown to get their funds
But we are never known to be existing

They say free education but only their sons and daughters
Will become bankers and doctor

They say factories and companies are coming
But our applications says don’t worry because you don’t worth it.

That say we should never give up, but few of us who stood up.
Are never encouraged till they got fed up

They say we should work hard, but our effort has
Sofa been their record

They say we should keep the faith, because we will laugh Last
But we laugh at the back of their cars.

They say equal right and justice for all
But after all we are sentence with no support from a layer or a barrister because we are poor

They say we should stay away from illegal migration, because is unlawful
But every day they are on secret illegal vocations.

They say we should not be scare because we are safe,
But each and every one of them have guard at their gates.

They say we should pay taxes, on time to import higher experts,
To train our unqualified But we are never given the chance to take part.

They say, this is life and we believed their lies
Because we are those who don't realized what is on the other side of the dice.

They say they empower us by including us but we are train at night and arm to fight.
Our own brothers and sisters

They took an oath that if they get our support and our votes
They will open doors, for us

And now they say we have a brighter future, with no respect for nature
Low wages because no good jobs.
How on earth can we have a good world?

My Identity

Where ever the wind blow
That’s where we go.
They can call us Negro
Is all that we know
I am honored to be an African boy
All the cultures and tradition,
The folk of Africa is why I love it more.
Am not scared to tell you Africa is
The focal point of the world

She bears all kind of pains and sorrows
Sharing with the other side of the world
A woman with abundant food
Supplying hoods through different route
As far as she could
Fulfilling the duties of motherhood
Ever bless, kind and resourceful


Days that I tough
will never come,
After waiting for so long,
I am finally aroused
to the face of the rising sun.

Corresponding to the beautiful melody
of the humming birds,
The massages of love
encored in my eardrum,
I sense the light in my vans

gentle passing thought my hearth,
To trigger my brain,
It is another day
to be showed with blessing fall.

I wake up to laud my family
with the pleasure from the dream
Healthy and wealth
from the voyage of my divine

Beside me lids the enemy
of my energy
Provoking the acclimating war
between my beams

Beating the drums of war
And puffing up the proclaim of victory
The wide-ranging of hunger
dripped my soul

When I thought all hopes has dwindle
You keenly knock on my door
With nothing to gain
You redeem my soul

from the lion of the din
I now stand farm as a king
Prepared to lead my people
Crosswise the ring

On the voyage of seeking
Passing thought the woodland.
I globule my pride on the ride
Keeping my ego in the hide

I surrender to satisfy my subjects
Give me the gamble
to show you that I can.
With the little I know
so that I can net

Of any kind that comes in my hand
goes to their hearts
Then I gaze back with pride.

Thank You for Reading

Aka Obafa Onema.

Muhammed Dibbasey :I was born in a village called Bansang, from a nobles Jahanka dilates of the Mandinka tribe, My people are well known as Farmers and Islamic scholars. Always dedicated to genuine causes. As a youth, my hope in acquiring formal education was to become a medical doctor. I have always a desire and understand that I am meant to help and support the positive growth of humankind. I grew up to take responsibilities at an early age, after the sudden death of my beloved father. I was forced by circumstances to take up challenges to step up for my family and support them meet their basic needs. With my father’s passing, soon I realized my dream of becoming a medical doctor was impossible. My family, I, had no money. Immediately, I quit school and started the hustle and struggle to earn a living wage. Living for money. I worked unskilled jobs with low wages and at times the humiliation of an arrogant boss, not much better than me. But my strength is my positive mindset. Stay positive. What I seek is seeking me. So to attract what I want, I immediately shifted my mindset. To photographic which i love doing so much. I started to look at myself and my surrounding with positive perceptions. I now see only things that I love and love the things that I see. From this I learned many lessons, which I believe can heal others.  My mission of becoming a healer and to motivate and educate others around me and the world at large, has not changed.

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