Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Elysian Transcendence

Your pastel sunsets incandescently intertwine my velvet dreams,
and my verbs know how to whisper gallantly your prepositions.
I have even learnt to have fluency in your body language,
inhaling your line breaks, structuring the sentence of our Saga…

Staccato notes and runic destines are hovering my peripherals
with cubist twilights, Venusian madness and supernova desires,
passionate crescendos weep in rhapsodic existential reverbs,
dismissing yesterday intangibles…  welcoming today freedoms!

An iridescence craved by seraphim passions and aeonic embraces!
Breathing you… breathing me… in curved celestial impressions
with stellar glimpses of thirty thousand empyreal souls,
mysteries colliding with wonders in shadows of evermore!

This Love! Oh, yes…  this Love! Keeps re-birthing me!
In retro films, silenced streams and harmonic breezes,
out of nothingdom my poem rises up and never ages
steadily reminding you: I was there… before I existed!...

Shades Of A Soul’s Footprints

I have found you…
inside few hypnotized dawns and veils,
within an unfinished aeonian flight gesture,
stunned behind the butterflies’ murmurs,
entrapped by your crimson pulsations,
still… trading the syllables of your Time…

I have removed your savant vertical conjugations
so, a vernal promise come into being between us,
layered you within my lyrical veins and verses,
releasing your mercurial spectrum of emotions.

You are flowing  through me increasingly reinvented,
and your flesh sings now  between your  empyrean dreams,
a new sound of luminescence ricochets my tympanum
and your throbbing rain keeps rumbling at my doorstep.

My euphonic existence is sauntering
along your heart’s lost avenues and ascending pyres
invoking your eternity requiems and serendipities,
serenading an everlasting empirical Samadhi.

I have found you…
between ciphers, sacred silences and cradles of Time,
with your auric horizons and cerulean skies,
living… whilst you have ceased to be!

Shells of heaven and lost codices were deciphered,
heavenly sonnets have been transcribed nonchalantly.
I have removed even your fleeting effigies and dissolutions,
your terracotta tears, renowned your pyres of adulation
so, the parable of my own existence coexist within you.

I arched myself inside your twilight blood,
rejuvenated my own mandalas and ascending hymns,
left my Eternities to become before your Time
so, days and nights may collide in rhymes,
catharsis will be bleeding no more at my ankles’ door
as I depict you with chimerical and prosaic efflorescence.

I have found you…
forgotten on a seraphic wing, transfixed…
ardently burning your orbs, chasms and existential drops.
Harmonious silences, rumbling eternities and somber dreams
have enclosed your zephyr memories at the gate of a Satori.

In this biography of us, you have been the author…
But I am the finisher of our faith…

And I bestow you as a divine anthem
to a cherubic everlastingness…


Love squared by Love
rounding each edge,
geometrizing each ends
equalizing its alphabets,
circling its triangles.

Infinitesimally surrounding
transitory planes and lanes
within our pyramidal silences,
giving new lines and directions,
intersections of re-constructions
compasses and conjunctures
within rebellious Mathematics

Endless rounded prismatic longings
leaving behind the theory of angles
rising trigonometry of the hearts
forgetting about scientific breaths
inside seven circles oscillating harmonies

Love squared by Love
converting the Word into ART
orbiting among infinite number of points
till can be found just a line between me and you
galactically entangled, universally connected
with simplified distraction, amplified seduction
sometimes equivalent, sometimes equidistant
and the sum of the cosmic Algebra in two hearts.

Love squared by Love
in perpendicular stars and parallel moons
crossing the lines in algorithmic dances
and waves of psychedelic sensations,
kabbalistic stardust hologram inceptions
rhythmic complexities and elastic canvas.

Neither perimeters nor cross-sections,
neither postulates nor heart formula
when I am blue and you are green,
answers not to be based on x-y-z coordinates
or figure-ing out to be even
but ever-being presently present!

Love squared by Love
applied symmetries at Platonic shapes,
an amalgamation of binaries and analogues
sometimes with no common denominators,

no obtuse views but endless Mandelbrotian spirals
where human is able to accept a simple deviation.

Love squared by Love
embracing your concavity into my convex world,
summing up the trigonometry of our cosmic hearts
As LOVE tangles between two dots…

Not a mundane Geometry!

The Fervor Of Ecstasy

Still longing for the song of your steps
I should have been embracing you
again and again and again
100 000 lives.....

Bathing in a luxurious silence
finding solace between piano pauses,
gathering the essence of a little kiss
and chants of an ineffable beauty
tasting the nectar of your sublimity,
plunged and immersed,
again and again and again....

In this intense subtlety of the beyond
vertigo of verses graces your majesty
and find multiple infinite ways
to LOVE you...

Again and again and again...

An elixir solely for pure hearts!

My inner ambrosia
experiences the balance of your harmony,
the Secret of all secrets,
collapsing within your cosmic gracefulness,
my inner ME...
immersed in YOU!

You spread your divine names
in acrylic letters and intimate dimensions
all your billion cells are as open doors
for my ceaseless adoration....

My truest freedom awaits for me
inside your ecstatic kisses

Transcendental Deliberation

I left you there!...
Between semicolons and dashes,
lost inside the days of future past,
stuck in your grammatical mentality
and lyrical augmentations...

Even when you raised your punctuation
you could not decipher my heart's alphabet...
Your comma kept jumping over my sentence,
my feelings now, are ended in exclamation marks!...

you can find my Eternity
inside your midnight hour
with hidden notes beneath your skin
and my symmetrical soul
with its scarlet connotations.

I AM the curator of Hearts
and the alchemist of LOVE!

Your punctuation below,
my quotation above!...

Reflective Speculations

Your eyelids lapse thorough my soul,
lashes explode in splashes
penciling the edges of my body!...

Long time ago...
you buried me in achromatic springs,
with smiles dismissed from heartaches.

My shoulders are chiseled
by your prayers...
... and the winter forgot
to reclaim its throne!...

I just count the seconds
touched by your liquefied syllables!

Rhetoric Introspection

I do not know what to regret anymore...
that I cannot reach you through our memories,
that an insane song cannot touch your soul,
or that you reversed yourself on the other side of Life?!...

I watched how spring drained from us
and not even a curved second could see anymore
the Miracle from us!...

Not even my own flying is vertical anymore
and I remained with my wings sealed
running barefoot on the shells of Time
on the look for that plenary Love
which you had promised along a sunset...

You stole the jewels of Time from beneath my eyelids...
just one white night struggled to reach the cloud's temple
and I do not have shores to reach.... anymore...
I just got lost in the morning known by nobody!...

Your Shadow Arose From Me… It Crushed Me!...

Your shadow arose from me… it crushed me!...
Even the butterfly took its flight back…
All the withdrawals hit me on the ground,
And there is no more reason
For what… or to whom…

Your shadow arose from me… it crushed me!...
Inside an unopened dream I extinguished myself
Time!... stroke me abruptly!
For another one hour I could have hold you…
And the whole world to cease within that hour!...
Summers… matter no more
So far the heart is filled with bleached winters…

Your shadow arose from me!... It crushed me!...
Even though your fingers still flow through my blood
and endless nights grow inside an insane eye,
your songs wonder my reverie no more,
the hunger for the morning’s dews stopped,
just… your silences scream spacelessly…

True! Your words do not know
The verb of my flight…
Your steps forgot the crane’s chants
and my heart does not sketch your contour…

Just for you to know:
My world’s edge is beyond your cognition!...
My heartbeats leaked from your hands,
as you forgot the path to yourself!...
Through my Heart!...

She Is Everywhere...

She is everywhere...
in a line of fiction,
reinvented in your mind,
within a dream,
you have not decided yet!

She is everywhere...
like a prescription
of your name changed,
the adverb which modifies
your emptiness...

She is everywhere...
a dance of your shared silences
within a memory transfixed...

She is everywhere...
your words described in squares,
an antidote to the Mundane!...

She is everywhere...
a graffiti reality
behind a chosen horizon,
a flavor of all possibilities...

She is everywhere...
blooming irises
tattooed on your Life Story,
crossing rainbows over
a monochrome Life...

She is everywhere...
verbing your Noun...
A poem flowing
through your skin,
an adagio of Life!...

Togetherness In Solitude

Solitude… A mystery perplexed in veils,
with lost songs of Moons and nightingales.

I surrendered all my solitudes to you,
with grace painted in whites and blacks,
crossing all shadows of the dawns
the stillness of every speech and sound,
with imagined dreams in a committed life.

Your gazes rest upon my high shoulders,
two heartbeats, still sinking in oblivion…

My thoughts are filled with your presence
and utter solitudes shared together…

Solitude… A mystery perplexed in veils
with lost songs of Moons and nightingales.


ANCA-MIHAELA BRUMA strives to continuously challenge and change the world we live in by means of art, and it is by breaking away from old traditions that she invigorates the art world in pursuit of a new emotional intellect. It is central to her own belief that it is her duty to empower, motivate, inspire, educate and heal. The awakening of the latent gifts we all perhaps unknowingly possess is also central to her quest. In an astute and complex combination of art forms, Anca enhances the essence of poetry, bringing it to another level, creating a higher, more esthetic literary culture where creativity and logic abide in harmony. This, she succeeds in doing through the symphonic audio-visualizations which have become her distinctive trademark, where visual is visionary, mystical weds mathematical, and lyrical flirts with musical. Although Anca rebelled against formal education as a child, she could not rebel against the artist that was burgeoning within. From an early age she was able to intuitively perceive transformation in all things, and thus she started to nurture an impulsive desire to be somehow part of this transformation. Later, this urge would lead to her pursuing a rigorous program of independent study which would include literature, philosophy, art, and history. It is her belief that through art she can transform and enhance human consciousness. Anca seeks to  restore poetry to public culture by engaging the imagination of her ‘reader-listeners’ in a way that encourages them to use critical analysis of the experiential, performative, and creative vectors which run through her visual poetry. She endeavors to enrich human consciousness or, at the very least, protect intrinsic values from depredation. Where art would at times seem to create opposition to the natural forces of time and morality, Anca helps us make sense of, even come to terms with the oblivion stretching before us.

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