Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Morning Serenade

They say be positive and I want to
who will lament and temper the arrival of dawn.

Gray is the sky
pelting rain on the lonely road.

I am mostly not myself
in the expectant morning.

I take what is given
the smell of insecurity.

I breathe it in, gasping for oxygen
positivity is thin.

I am determined to fight
the mysterious outcome until known.

I wait patiently
until the gray sky invites the sunlight to shine.

I will leap and regale
in the ever widening pale glow of dawn.


Often I step back
into the past
as if it's my future.

I know I am real
I am nothing
I am everything.

Light is life
when it is gone
so I will.

Joy Returns With Morning Light

I talk
to my invisible friends at night
they listen with inscrutable faces
they do not argue.

I tell them about
the hopes in my eyes
desires in my mouth
and fears in my heart.

Words fail me
constantly moving
shifting feelings
until I am exhausted.

They leave me alone, confused
I weep through the night
joy comes in the morning.

You are more in me
than I in you and
you remain while
obliviously I go outside looking for you.


My balance had been poor for sometime
robbed me of equilibrium.

I ask you be here within calling distance
whether I call or not.

You think I am incapable of joy now
I am I assure you.

I still have blue sky days
I still have black night skies.

Fragrant flowers outside
and a loving God inside my heart.

I am still as I am
a beautiful light.

Waiting to taste the wine of my survival
where believing is knowing.

Where Is God

The uncertain future has a voice
with many echoes.
There is nothing
that won't be ignited
by the graceful light of His eyes.

Power Of Prayers

Your prayers
rescue me always.
Even waves lift me up
when I am about to drown.

Where This Journey Ends

Sailing across the sea
of open water
makes me think
of the life I have lived so far
journey of a thousand miles
genetic memory
like salmon spawning.

Holding hands tightly
you whisper
your desire to go back
a primal place
where you once belonged.

I felt the pain
of a hooked fish.

I am unsure
here it all ends
or here it begins.


When a poem dawns on me
it shines its lights on me
beauty I hardly deserve.

Showering of words
pour down
I am drenched.

Swaying in elation
I forget the difference
between pain and healing
between light and dark
between faith and doubts
between promises our bodies make
and the ones they keep.

Today Is The Day

Could you feel
my bruised heart
tender rhythmic cold melody.

Do you know why
I reached out for your hand
as the first snowflakes buried my soul.

I am waiting to know
but there is no need to know
what is already known.

I have seen many blizzards
swirling across the sky but
you never failed to arrive as early spring dawn.

Riding Alone

I am young no longer
except to those who are older.
I grew even older when diagnosed with cancer.
Body chemistry changes from light to yellow
to layers of dark
under chemotherapy regime
punctual pain.
I am reincarnated
as two thirds polluted toxins.
I don’t know how to live this life
I want to
at least today.
I don’t want to end with this ending.
Dawn leans in.
I ride into a dazzling world.
Alone in silence.


I gape, I snicker
as air swirls
with so much that is visible.
I wish
I had eyes to see what I can’t
the invisible.
What is seen is fleeting.
What is unseen is eternal.

What Is Wished And Can’t Be …

The day was ordinary.
No fear, no quivering.
No obsessive hopes.
No thoughts of pain.

A sudden discovery
cancerous lymphatic nodes.
All things change.
Darkness descends.
The universe turns upside down.

I don’t look away.
I am determined to stay alert.
I will fight for light.
I will not vanish.

Something stirs inside me.
A desire to stay awake.
It can be anything.
It is everything.


ASHOK BHARGAVA is a poet, writer, committed community activist, public speaker and a keen photographer. Based in Vancouver, he continues to combine in his life, all of the above yet it is apparent that his main passion is poetry. He has published several selections of his poems: Riding the Tide, Mirror of Dreams, A Kernel of Truth, Skipping Stones and Lost in the Morning Calm, among others. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. He is founder of WIN – Writers International Network Canada, a non-profit organization that discovers, nourishes and recognizes writers of diverse genres, artists and community builders.

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