Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Funky Cat

Hip, cat, daddy-o
Hey, what's cookin bro'
Man, I dig this groovy melody
It flows free. Baby
With the  harmony

Jimmy is "smokin'" tonight
Look at that cat, lickety split
He's a telescopic sight
It's crazy, man. I dig it
This cat's been blastin' all night

Cool tunes, with horn yellin' shot
Blowin' it real hot
The band is  "jammin,'' really cooking
I think Jimmy's "flippin''
Way he's zipping that stick ripping

Diggin' his "boogie woogie" jive
Layin' it down, gimme five
All the "jitterbugs" jumpin' to the heat
To the "funky" cat with that "groovy" beat
Blowin' his top, and waving his feet

Joint is jumping. I gotta scat
Man! It was-- Wild, man, wild, down pat!
He's a real bang-tail gone cat!
I’ll plant you now, dig you later with a greet
Man! ''I'm really "beat''
{Free Verse}
Mar 21, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

Peaceful Walk

The night air is tran-quil
And the sky is in clear focus
Embracing us thankful
For peaceful closeness
Of body and soul
To begin a stroll
Seeing the town
In a quiet and comfort lay down

While entering sections
Of different off-beat courts
I see radiant light reflections
On the ledge, of skyline deflections
Accompanied by heavenly escorts
Everywhere, I confess
Embracing in support
In the bosom of angel caress
{Free Verse}
Apr 11, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz


I see towering trees
As they move and unwind
In the sky high, wheeze
Waving so subtly, in the shine

Penetrating sky flowers
They stand alone
And are like ivory towers
And medieval thrones

Words in the breeze
Rambling with the leaves
Humming with tranquility
Saying it softly

Nothing is more unworldly
And more praiseworthy
Than a beautiful, strong tree
Sighing, ever so, transcendentally
{Free Verse}
Apr 16, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

Buffed Cleaner

Fit, hard, six-pack abs
Solid, strong, physique
Standing tall, like statue
Um, alone on a po-di-um

No donning polo wear
With face mask tube, strapped
Wondering, about the work of art
Hours of chore, raring to start

Winsome, daubing, but still so-so
Cleaning, his very own facades
Ajax sprinkled, aglow
Single soap brush to stroke

Idealistic that colorful chromas
Will long for better change
Lookin' upon his gem
With thoughts deep within
{Free Verse}
Apr 21, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz

A Visit Back Home

Long prior - I took to the wheel
On a day, fairly, surreal
Amid one of my visits back home
I went to see, tailgating, all alone
My boyhood city. A city on its knees
I began patrolling, unemotionally
Among, the hollowed, disintegrated, arteries

I've gone into a run-down, stepping ground
Of relinquished houses, torched down
Cess-pool of spoiled industries, shook
Dismal, diminishing, to tears look
A catastrophe of block, smoke, and gook
Miles and miles of wrongdoing, invaded places
The most exceedingly awful, that humankind embraces

Free, with the blazing fury
Of youthful, spontaneity
I started to take pictures, ardently
Of drifters, hobos, winos, and the beggarly
Wearing, worn out, robe of strands
And vagrants with solidified hands
Crouched around, enormous, hot drum cans

Without modesty, I eagle-eyed
The crestfallen, with nowhere to hide
That permeates, everywhere, I spied
Offering itself for examination
A photo of urban immolation
I was alone in a no man's homey
And in a no man's city
{Free Verse}
Apr 24, 2018• Copyright © daniel miltz


DANIEL MILTZ: He born in Michigan and now resides in Hampstead. After devoting 40 years to the Engineering domain now contributing value to society through his writing as a freelancer. Academically he is a ‘Mechanical Design Engineering’ degree holder from Detroit Engineering Technical Institute. In his engineering career he contributes in Aerospace Industry and in many Governments Aerospace programmes. Now these days he is writing a fiction noble, based on his own experience but writing poetry has been Daniel’s passion since his early 'beat' days of California.

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