Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Collect Impassable Routes

I will not exchange with you
although I do not know
great journeys.

The plane is still there
it causes fear in me,
when the door closes
with the last breath.

In a house where old age
looks for a day without pain,
pictures with irony
they look in the eye.

I will not exchange with you.
I will stay with my prayer -
You are definitely here.


Capricious but full of charm.
It makes you sad
rules emotions.
It will awaken reflection -
tear will flow.

This is a laughing girl.
White down
will cover gray.
It will change the ice cube
in characters.

And when the day jumps over night
it will stretch like a cat
on a warm salad,
he leaves terrifying
blasts of frost.

The spring is introduced by a gentleman.
Through dormant windows
it penetrates a bright light.
From a crystal vase
it flows down the rainbow.


I will take off the carded dress
and the last breath
I'm listening to singing

Maybe the pain will disappear,
having powerlessness.
For a moment without wine,
hen lightly.

And on a patch of sky
I will find my asylum.
relax from thoughts.

I know, I'll be back tomorrow
I'm drowning in crying,
I will grieve God -
but today for a moment.

I Forgot About You

The time has come -
our wait.
You awaken me, soul
after winter mortification.

Like a guardian who
keeps the seed of life,
orders the lungs
get some air.

And you stack your thoughts,
you padded with joy -
and obedient
tear the body to flight.

It's enough that dawn
trelem counts the hours,
greenery dominates
on the last frost.

A Dead Mother

A longing, a regret, fails.
The sack of accusations fell out -
began self-flagellation.
Degrading through your own thoughts
punishment for the wicked.

like guests to a feast,
they come together, more and more -
they are eating out of a man
leftovers of excuses.

You're silent. You tried,
You were faithful like a dog. Nothing.
Prayer irritates, evil multiplies the medium.
Tears not only with salt but with heat flow down.

And she is already a peaceful dream.
He collects flowers in heavenly fields,
listened to in the mind of the Creator -
he smiles, smiles.

The Snow Is Melting

They appear
like a breath of life,
when the winter solstice
quenches every smile.

On a modest stage
because the window should be opened
and before dawn
remain silent in silence.

From every side
as in choirs -
loud sound
thin voices.

before these prays,
when the next day
they pick up the night.

I Listened To You

Melodio, which you release,
light your faces -
feeling carried out
paths of delight.

Where they are when from under the fingers
like the hymn of immortality
they release the bow,
with strings.

The woods are humming with them.
They listen to fjords.
Mountains, water, air
permeates this state.

And this sight, elusive
higher and higher
as if he knew at the end
God is waiting.

No !

You are not a mad mother
because you are hugging pictures -
they look at them
beloved children.

You listen for voices.
You talk with the wind -
you ask him to tell
about your longing.

In the evenings you humming lullabies,
You bless dreams.
Love you with love
every morning.

If You've Met God

There is no such sadness,
who will take over his thoughts
and not get lost in time.

There is no such regret,
which will not let the tears dry out -
find a place of rest.

But there is love,
before which the birds singing silently,
crack of buds on trees and flowers.

It's enough that at some point
you saw His existence,
and you will devote yourself with faith.


JADWIGA BUJAK-PISAREK: .Born  May 22 1957 in Świebodzice county Swidnicki. Educated clothing technician. Assistant editor E-Literaci.pl. Journalist, entitled moderator, super commentator corrector. Winner of many poetry contests. The poet of the Year 2015. Awarded by the editors of Journal. "Statuette for its activities" in the field of literature in the past five years from 2010 to 2015. Member of the Literary Association "Website" in Stalowa Wola. Member of the Association of Authors Polish Warsaw.

Excretes volumes: The first book of poetry "whispering" released in 2014.The second "Fisher of pearls" in 2015 and 2016.Also published the third volume of "Sentenced on the melancholy" .She is co-author of five Anthology, Including two international: "Love Is Like AIR and" Time of Women "She has scored six literary note books. Her poems are translated in to English. The first poems she wrote at age 17, and for several years she has published on the portal E-Literaci.pl,and the Internet, where a crowd of regular readers. Actively participates in the literary workshops and meetings.Twice she participated at the Festival of Patriotic Song and Poetry in Komotini where he took third-place contest for the line "Not today." Participant XV "Jurassic Autumn Poetry" in the Złotym Potoku. She writes, comments and published in the online journal Literary E-Literaci.pl. Founder of the group not affiliated Poets "SAFFO" at GBP in Zebrzydowice. She runs a series of meetings with poetry in D.S.S. in Cieszyn. Her poetry was published in the "Voice of Tychyna. and regularly appears in the newsletter. "Messages from the Piotrówki" in Zebrzydowice. Country of origin-Polish. Mother tongue –Polska. Polish nationality. Resident –Polska

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