Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Feeling Of Rain

are you there?
I was just telling you about the night that was blurry
I've said before, there's a reason for trembling
in your voice, perhaps self-avoidance is a shyness
why do you have to do it before you do it after you do it
as long as the heart blesses an unforgivable sadness?

what is the world, not the home of abandonment;
it's been a long time since you've seen the sarcophagus embossed on your lips
does he still invite you to the faith of a sweaty night?
now I bite my tongue in the blasphemy of separation
let's get this craving, let's get some feeling in the rain
it's true that I tried to kiss without knowing suicide
touch and touch and withdraw now to the memory of senility
I say we meet without waiting for alageyik's hurry
let's kiss the end of life without falling to infinity!

your mouth, oh that last pigeon nest
he's raising the fire that keeps himself up!


Feel Of Loneliness In My Heart

it was the night of the stain, I jumped out of sleep
like a knife of loneliness
the moonlight was falling on top of the songs
I lit a cigarette, youth was an old image
I watched a singer crash into my voice softly
your smile was a Lemon Tree that was opened to the transference
I've stretched my hands to your hair that reminds me of the night
the words on the table filled with sorrow
I bent over the image inside the image called the mirror
living in a dream
Oh my greatest neglect, my heart, footprints of Solitude
you spell a void in the name of love
it was the night of the stain, he saw the fire, the date on my neck


Deleted Perception In Mirror

it's a fall rain with an inconvenient rhythm out there
to the bitter day of broken life
and in the newspapers, morbid cases are listed
the shooting of children stroking the waters of the shadow
mothers whose voices are overflowing from the wells call to Yusuf:
tell me which stone was the age that made hatred sacred!
tell the endless truths,
what was the chemistry of poison that ripped the man out of man?
said Joseph
and it was taken with the fingernails of a late afternoon wind
there were wild birds who didn't know where to put them
when the market seeks children who are telling the world, God!
I'm in the fire, I'm in the letters of madness
the perception that is erased in the mirror


HIDIR IŞIK was born in 1979. He graduated Electrical Engineering. His poetry, essays and stories appeared in literary magazines and books: in 2009 Sen poetry, in 2010 a novel about refugees' hopes, in 2013 the essay “In the heart of emptiness” and “In the metric wound of language” (2013 Ali Rıza poetry award), in 2015 “Resurrection Courtyard” (2015 Attila Ilhan poetry award).

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