Tuesday, July 10, 2018




Hard hard road
Heavy heavy load
Struggling under the strain
Pain pain pain

One thing after another
Hard to keep on track
You strive to take one step forward
Then get pushed several steps back

You’ve been in many a tunnel
Grasping to find a way through
Who knows what would have happened
If faith hadn’t travelled with you

Spirituality Is All Around

‘Aren’t we fortunate’, she said
Watching sleek cormorants with delight
Their wings seem to rotate
In swift swim-stroke flight

Lying on warm cliff-top grass
High above the secluded beach
The sun’s rays shine through clouds
Our cares are out of reach

Down below oyster catchers call
The high cliff rocks echo the sound
I close my eyes in this sanctuary
Spirituality is all around

A Special Spot

A quiet space, serenity
A deep soft armchair
Rain is falling relentlessly
What need have I to care

One wall is lined with books
I’ve an hour to myself
I curl up in an armchair
Browsing a book from the shelf

A picture of Gougane Barra
St.Finbarr’s special spot
The oratory reflected in the lake
A beautifully taken shot

A little bit of Heaven
A spot out of the way
A special place to meditate
A sanctuary to pray


MARGARET O’DRISCOLL lives in West Cork, Ireland and is a poetry writer, curator and editor. Her poetry has been published in various international anthologies, ezines and journals. She published her first collection in 2016, ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’, it has received star reviews and many of the poems included have been translated into many languages worldwide.


  1. Her usual gorgeous work. So glad you shared these, Margaret!

  2. You are a poet of versatility. You can write beautiful poetry on any theme.
    Enjoyed your spiritual poems.