Tuesday, July 10, 2018



It Is Very Easy To Say……

It is very easy for you to say we parted,
For a moment I accept,
The next moment I can’t believe and
I feel angry and disgusted,
The very first thing that hurt me was,
I was rejected,
You forgot my love and
Made me stand in the shore dejected,
I cried and cried,
Decided to sail in the tides of the ocean,
Along with my frustration,
I thought this was destiny and digested.

But my paintings started fading,
My brush ,though habituated to your paintings,
Is unable to replace any other belonging,
It wants to run with your fragrance,
It used to choose color according to your Performa,
Unconsciously it reaches to the same destination every time,
From where our river started flowing , growing and harvesting
Thousand times I controlled myself,
Not to touch your shore
yet the tides of my bosom flows with your rhyme,
It is easy for you to say so.

How And When?

How and when ,
Often two associated words ,
Comes to me as question mark,
I knew no answer to this puzzle,
Only wonder ,how it happened?
And when is occurred?

Little did I know some way or other ,
The touch of your spring,
Erupted lava from the sleeping volcano,
Camouflage inside, its existence,
Lying dormant ,for sometime,
Betwixt the mountain span,
The engulfing fire of amalgamation,
Melted the heavy bosom of condensation.

Our sky is beyond its limit,
Our bond reaches the deep blue oblivion,
Of a strange and mysterious understanding,
We measure the depth of our reddening,
With abundance faith and doting,
The strings of two hearts stitched ,together,
Taking the help of rosy dreams and chilling wind,
Our flute sings the sweetest rhyme,
Questioning how and when ,it happened to we two.


Hopefully we will meet in the dark firmament,
Hopefully cloud ‘s conscientious shield will not obstruct our rotation,
In the deepest field of vision,
We will play with every strands of our fluff,
Here we will fondle our thoughts to rise above the horizon,
Towards the vast universe ,
Towards the empty spaces of galaxy,
Towards the countless stars and constellations,
Where we the super riders, of visualisation will paint our world ,
With the help of golden brush and drab a picture of red fancy,
The world of fantasy will lead us dive in ocean of reddish blue,
Our Earth may grieve, as we left her stick around with avid eyes,
The pleasure of flying with the riddles of unsolved problems,
Is quite a novel occurrence,
Our yearning lips pleased to taste the sweetness of creativity,
More pleasant ,more aromatic ,than the sugary syrup of candy,
Vacant mind with eager eyes hopeful every hour to build a castle of stupor,
Amidst the clouds of deep blue with you by my side.


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