Tuesday, July 10, 2018



For Heaven's Sake

Wonders so wondrous of the big old world,
Creating the sphinx was a flag unfurrled,
Holy relics, sacred sights,
Atlantis remains, Cretan delights.

The coloss of Rhodes, a normal thing
The ancient mariner in the past would besing,
The pyramids of Egypt built by a force,
Paid workers with tools, of course.

The library of Alexandria, what a marvellous place,
We hear about it in the literary space,
What about the ark of the covenant, pray?
Where are the ten commandments, would you say?

Millions of Christians in Nigeria claim
Their country possesses Moses casket of the same
Why should we claim them wrong
When it fills them with love, hope and song?

The shroud of Turin is a photograph,
Not painted, real, a Christian epitaph,
Contaminated test results, no medieval fake,
Odessa, 1st century, for heaven's sake.

A boat in Armenia, light into dark,
Might be the actual and real Noah's Ark,
A church in Valencia, do not fail,
Holds in a casket which is the holy grail.

Were we there? Do we know? That is not so,
We do our research, we're on the go,
What we believe fills us with strength,
Makes us invincible, gives us vital length.

Bottom line, we're emotional zest,
Spiritual energy, souls at their best,
Not just bodies, make no mistake,
The wonders are there for heaven's sake.


Versatility Rocks!

On my CD
Figaro changes places
With Buddy Holly,
Pavarotti shakes hands
With Cuban Pete.

Which leads us to one place:
Ebony and ivory
Living together peacefully
In Harmony,
That place in your heart
That Paul McCartney spoke of.

Let's meet
At each other's homes,
Whether they're decorated
With roses
Or electric guitars!
After all:
Roses and electric guitars
Go together

Let's not wrinkle our noses
At microphones
If we're opera freaks.

Let's not wrinkle our noses
At classical composers
If we're rockers.

Versatility rocks!

What would we actually be
Without each other?

If we all were the same
We wouldn't know where we are

Different strokes for different folks.

Like those who are different than you. They just remind you who you are.

You are you!
Thank God!

The eternal now is full of you's
So love your me.


Inner Life is Reality

God, he showed me something
He knew that I would like
A slogan on a poster
As clear as hand to mike.

God, my horizon's spirit
Had been giving me the hints,
Symbiotic co-incidents
Inspiring me to think.

"Charlie likes the slogans
That coincides with his life,
Things he heard the day before
He hears again from his wife."

Mystery, he whispered,
While drinking Spanish red,
We are the tip of the ice berg,
And that's all she said.

Signs, they come from places,
Love, it comes from above,
Dreams are actual places,
Fit like hand in glove.

Inner life is reality,
Reality is just a sham,
And when you follow reality,
You know I am what I am.


History Is What Remains

Good morning, Calisthenics,
Good morning, Brave New World,
Good morning, Academics,
Good morning, Gentle Word.

It's in the air this evening,
Phil Collins rocked the seas,
Rod Stewart saw it dawning,
MacCartney blessed the breeze.

Good Evening, Alan Rickman,
Good Evening, Victor Hugo,
Good Evening, Freddie Mercury,
Good Evening, Jean Miró.

Jagger's Satisfaction:
Bowie shouts "Let's Dance!"
Morten Harket Takes On
ABBA-Agneta's Chance.

Hello there, Whitney's Moment,
Hello there, Beatles' Love,
Hello there, Beach Boys Enjoyment,
Hello there, Prince Crying Dove.

Yo, my Franzie Schubert!
Finished the symphony yet?
Yo, my Mellencamp Cougar,
Mr. Happy Go Lucky, I bet!

Kudos, Bonnie Tyler,
Your Hero just arrived,
Holding out with Steinman,
Learning how to jive.

Grab your guitar, Berry,
Malmsteen's in da house,
Richards' plucking "Cherry",
Rocking Johann Strauss.

Are we Inglorious Bastards?
No, we're Spectacular Saints,
We're all Ingenious Virtuosos,
And history is what remains.


Looking Out Beyond The Horizon

What lies beyond the horizon
Is filled with honour and soul,
It's decorated with roses
And painted with your deepest goal.

What lies beyond the horizon
Is filled with your most profound wish,
Studded with 10 carat diamonds
And served on an elegant dish.

What lies beyond the horizon
Is deeper than any old rhyme,
Your faith and belief in miracles
Will stand the test of time.


Be The Ocean

Words of love
Come rolling
Over my tongue
From the soul
Into the ether
The world
Other souls.

Their spirits
In a separate land.

Their souls
With eternity.

Constant conversation
Underneath the physical reality.

We detect emotions.
We detect love.
We thrive on it.

Our journey,
Our individuality,
Our love
Connected within us.

God within our emotions
Expressed through ...
Opera arias
Rock songs
Chanson pieces
Renaissance paintings
Ballet performances.

We are our emotions.
They signify what we are.
The hardest man
Notices the atmosphere
In any room.

God is above religions.
You are his child.
He speaks to you
Right now
While you feel ...
Something ...

Say yes to life,
Say yes to truth,
Say yes to tolerance,
Say yes to emotions.

God is not one religion.
God is above religions.
God is eternal.
Inside your emotions.
Connected to eternity.

Everything is spirit.
Every emotion has waves.

Be the ocean.


Let Us All Move On

- Surreal Rhyming

There's nothing like a wine
To end a lengthy day,
Thought and love entwined
Philosophize away.

Dream yourself toward Eden,
Sink into a world,
You don't know where it's leadin'
Like a flag unfurrled.

I'm living in a riddle
Within a labyrinth,
Caught right in the middle
In a glass of green absinth.

Recalling past carnations,
Memories of the mind,
Stalling old inflations
Of things I left behind.

Was I Axel von Fersen?
Perhaps Marie Antoinette?
Jessie, Elvis twins-man?
Or a soldier most ill met?

And now a part of Voyager
Flicks across my screen
Janeway, galactic dowager,
Universal, stoic, mean.

Now, a part of Ally,
McBeal across the light,
A movie guy awaiting,
Clearly out of sight.

Rhyme without a reason?
Anger without a fight?
A poem without meaning?
A song so clean, so tight.

I sit here, late at midnight,
Wallowing in bliss,
Marital misunderstanding
Meeting bittersweet kiss.

Social consideration
Meeting Facebook hug
Jungle Book affection
Ripping foot under rug.

Why can't we be our person?
Different and yet alike.
Judging? No, converting.
Singing without a mike.


Spicy Strawberries

Strawberries and cherries,
Laughter in the rain,
Sandcastles and faries,
Rock 'til you go insane.

Window shopping treasures,
Singing in the park,
Making love to Schostakiwitsch,
Kissing in the dark.

Music in my ears,
Ballet in my mind,
Art til you go bananas,
The poetry you find.

Drive your partner crazy,
Chase him 'til he drops,
Call your best friend lazy,
Bop until it zops.

Tap dance just like Flatley,
Sing like Fred Astaire,
Paint like Pavarotti,
But then, bro, grab a chair!

Look out onto the sunset,
Put up your tired feet,
Your calm is one that's well met
And away from the active street.



- Absurdist Poem

A fest,

And here I am.
Call me Sam.
The eagle bird.
Quite absurd.

On the go.
To and fro.
Injecting a song
To where it belongs.

Been around
The lost and found
Among kings
And ring a ding dings.

Humble as pie,
Round the by and by,
Let's find a road
Travel the toad.

Am I home?
Or among the unknown?
Are these my kicks
On the Route 66?

Got my beer
And my cheer
Rockin' Mike!
Gimme a like!

Facebook Surreal,
Orange peel,
Absurdist dream,
Ain't what it seems!

Kubistic poem,
Riding on home,
Crazy jive,
See it live.



Soaring Towards Heaven With A Sigh

Evening lanterns
Like on Mars,
Looking sort of
Like round little cars.

Train of thought,
Thought of train,
Lennon did it
Again and again.

Sitting outside
In my pavillion sweet
Hearing the crickets,
Where lovers meet.

In its midst
Here am I
Soaring towards heaven
With a sigh.


CHARLES E.J. MOULTON is a true renaissance man. Trilingually raised in an artistic family, he spent his childhood on the theatrical stage and has since performed in over 130 stage productions world wide, including as Scar in "The Lion King" and Zuniga in "Carmen". He has 165 published pieces to his credit, publishes The Creativity Webzine, conducts a chorus, directs his own plays and paints. He is married and has a daughter.

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