Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Life’s Songs

Pray, life sings to us
Yes, open your heart,
Open your soul,
And listen!

You shall hear the fairies of earth
As they create more and more souls!

You shall hear the fairies of water
As they create more and more rain
To allow life to sustain itself!

You shall hear the moon
As she cheekily recounts the secrets she witnesses at night!

You shall hear the sun
As he booms of his superiority over us!

You shall hear stars
As they try to create other marvels of the universe!

You shall hear Gods
As they sing to us,
Songs of love; feverish and deep;
Causing our cheeks to blush
And turning our hearts into butterflies!

Listen, pray do listen to the songs of Life,
You shall then
Care solely for that which needs to be cared for!

 Life’s Process

Anger burnt with rage
Till it met with Forgiveness
Who smiled gracefully at it
While Music played a sad song!

Anger got overwhelmed with Shame
And became imbibed with Guilt
So much that Change overcame it!

Anger turned into Humility
Humility became Love
And Life
Procreated itself!
Mysticism shined forth
Stars were created
The Divine prayed in celebration
And Life
Got blessed with continuity!

Blind Faith

What does it take to believe that some higher power watches over us
What does it take to believe that life on Earth is only part of the voyage
Laugh not at me
Scorn me not
Close your eyes
And try to visualize stars as they shimmer in the night sky
Be awestruck at their beauty
And wonder, then,
How and why they were made
While you are at it, keep your eyes closed,
And wonder at the perfection of your own body
Wonder at what could be that power which put it into place
Learn to identify it,
Amidst the false images that this world projects at you
Learn to be connected to it,
By allowing your heart to beat only for it
Learn to live for it,
By allowing Fate to lead you wherever it wills!

Why, faith knows no boundaries,
Faith remains universal
As, like me, you do have blood running in you
Like me, you are called human
Like me, you wander about on Earth,
Lost and seeking to find a meaning!


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  1. "Faith knows no boundaries
    Faith remains Universal".

    A deep treatise it seems on Faith.