Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Eternal Soul

My spirit is alive
But little by little it becomes sad
The air of time
It makes waves on my skin
The sun blends the hair
The earth stops me
And slow my steps
But my spirit
Its alive
It is a seed that lives within me
What is green
Where ideas flourish
Dreams, memories, loves ...
A seed that time can not touch
What is fire, plasma
My body dries like a shell
But my soul is eternal

Título: FAITH

Reason dies with so many realities
With war, pain, lack of love
Each reality is a dagger
That pierces the reason
He cuts it, squeezes it and loses it
There is no reason anymore, only faith
Your superficial being is cut
By the edge of your own eyes
But your faith always remains
It's part of you
And it's your essence ......
Faith is you,
The part of you that never dies

Anguish In The Soul

A beast has been born in my being
The beast feeds on hopes
He eats them, he swallows them, he vomits them
Sometimes when the hopes are over
The beast devours bits of my soul
I already feel a huge emptiness
Soon he will devour my heart
My body is hollow
And the beast sleeps inside him
Soon he will wake up very hungry
He will devour every one of my heartbeats
And with each one of my thoughts
It will make fire inside of me
And from inside, deep inside I'll be ashes ..
I will be memories ..
I will be poem ..
I will be a goodbye


JOSEP JUAREZ: Mexican poet and storyteller, born in Michoacán, Mexico. His poems have been translated into several languages, English, Chinese, Serbian, Italian, Arabic and German They have been published in several magazines in Spain Iraq, Albania, Peru, Argentina, Colombia. He has participated in different anthologies around the world in countries such as Italy, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Chile and India

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