Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Lady Of Tears

I was perpetually Smiling
Sweet Mother

Your joyful sadness
Always my big Question
Alas! Life explained
To me so grimly
Your cool  floodgates of tears
The incessant pain...
The torture of decay  is like a torch!
It smolders and wipes out the mind
It alters the form, the posture...
It tilts the arrogant neck
It bends your back arched
Spasmodic hull's  suffering:
Remembering of the lack
Of the beloved-the worshiped
The inevitable separation
The inability to respond
The fatal deadly bite
The dignity of the gloom
The mirage of memory
The sour pleasure of the experience
The obedience to the given
The acceptance of the solitude...

Loneliness = Loss Or Absence?

I'm still here
I exist alive
Not as a recollection
I never leave you , do I?
What do you say?
That you need nothing but memories...
Memories are useless!

Some day your soul will fly away
What memories are for, then?
Memories are not worth then
Please! LIVE with me NOW!
Or you don't really live
you just dream on!

Don't you feel my absent being next to you?
I'm really there!
Breeze blows and strokes us
Dim view of the sea
Drops of gentle rain on your wincing face
I drink pain from your full glass

Call me out and I'll come
Siamese desire
Hands joined together
Through the gap which separated us brutally
Please call me and I'll be right there
as soon as possible!
But do not doubt!
I'll surely come!

Every time this gap overruns us
I shall kiss you
Am I not the one
who you always wanted?
You possessed me
You still own me
An invisible thread binds us
I never leave you, do  I?
What do you say?

the one who'll stay behind
will need memories
Deserted and wandering
Deprived from the last goodbye
Who would listen to him THEN?

Whoever drinks from
The water of Styx
stops listening to anyone alive...

Voice Yelling In The Desert

I suffer
crying so many words
to You
with no result
Does anybody listen to me?

I pray to You even
When I sleep
When I nap
Sitting up

I attempt a
tightrope walk
on the words
to approach
to describe
What You really are
and why
Why You stay there
Blind and deaph

Is there any chance
You to hear or You to watch
what is going on down here?
For which inexplicable reason
don't you react?

People listen to me
People see me
People feel me
But even the talking
with You in my mind

Do you exist?
Everything seems
I have no other hope though...
I 'll just keep yelling out!