Tuesday, July 10, 2018



They Will Recognize Me From My Love

Some will leave their traces, in this world
Some won’t be satisfied with anything.
A grave of somebody
Will mention about its owner,
A word of somebody
Will be left after somebody.
All will desire
To leave any word in this world.
The centuries will cause to forget them.
The false castles made of lies
Will be destroyed.
The people will know everything
They will reprobate after knowing.
The fires will be made
For the guilty past.
They will choose only the words
And will keep only them..
And ..and they will recognize me
From my love!
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

Good Morning, Rome!

Good morning, Rome!
Your sun is smiling at me
In the middle of the winter.
Let your morning
That is far from the malice of the world
Be full of light!
Land of Pompei
Where the swords
That cut the shadows of evil
Are shining from a far distance.
Let your mornings
Which are prohibited to oppression
Be full of light!
Hey,  Fontana Truvi
Let your waters
That are purling
In the kingdom of wishes
In the intention of lovers
Be full of light!
Good morning, Rome!

Hey, tangerine trees,
On the way of Coliseum,
How good you grow here!
Your branches are heavy with fruits,
But nobody picks any of them
In the unjust fight
The crowns of our life
The tiny children,
Are picked up basket after basket.
Good morning, Rome!
Old,  great Vatican!
Let around you always be happy life,
Let you always be flourishing
Let you never witness
To the blood that was shed in vain.
Hey, the stage of theatre of Marcellus!
Let you always be lost in silence!
Be always so-
Being far from the “games”
Played at the world stage.
Enchant my spirit
Let be inspired and write
About your immortal fame.
Good morning, Rome!
I  am sowing a handful of hope
On your soil in which poppies grow
In February.
Let those hopes  germinate
And have a thousand branches.
Poetry  didn’t change us,
Let me  dedicate a poem
To humanity.
Let me write a poem
To each green leaf of you
Maybe  it might take wings
And  guard over the humanity
Good morning, Rome!
Good morning, Rome!
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

Don’t Look Like Me, My Daughter!

They resemble you to me, my daughter,
Don’t look like me, my daughter!
Look at my gray hairs,
Don’t look like me, my daughter!

I eat a grief the clock round,
I undress sorrow and put on grief.
I warn you as much as early,
Don’t look like me, my daughter!

Hide patience inside of you,
Hide your secrets inside of you,
Hide your face from the sorrow
Don’t look like me, my daughter!

Pay attention neither to creeping shadow,
Nor try  to be knocked at any time.
Become flames, try to destroy darkness,
Don’t look like me, my  daughter!

All around me are devils,
They don’t let me become myself.
Oh, my darling, try to find your own being
Don’t look like me, my daughter!
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

Life Is A Fast Train

My God, who is driving me out?
Who is making me breathless?
Who is hurrying the life?
Who is hurrying inside of me?

The years are fast train,
The month is over as it begins.
The weeks shove each other,
The days are lost in hurry.

The  nights and daytime
As if  fights against me.
I am competing with a second,
The hours escape out of my hands.

The moments soak into the memory.
Everything turns and become past.
The days break in a hurry,
The days are over in a hurry.

I don’t know when time passes
Because of number of works.
The time that I didn’t dear to spend myself
Is pulled off me by the time.

Today turns to yesterday all of a sudden
I am going embracing the next day.
I don’t live my own life,
I only fly above it.
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

As If This Love Is On The Edge Of Death

As if this love is on the edge of death
Go, don’t let your eyes be covered with blood.
Now there is no use of consoling or hoper,
Don’t hurt yourself, or don’t wear me out.

Now my feelings have been frozen,
It won’t melt even  I put them into the sun.
You  filled my heart with so much grief,
No love is able to enter my heart either.

I have seen a grave inside of your eyes,
Don’t insist saying “I love you”.
As if this love is on the edge of death
Go, don’t let your eyes be covered with blood.
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

It may be good to lose this life…

It may be good to buy a shroud
And cover all your sorrow in it.
It may be good to shed tears of your eyes
Into your own grave.

It may be good to lose this life,
And then find it in the half of life
And let something be left
Amidst you and the years.

It may be good to guard the night
No sleeping, no dreaming.
It will be good if you knew at the end
That it was the life once you lived!
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

I Am In A Strange Forest

I am in a strange forest,
The axes cut the grief.
Who says I have a heart,
It is grief aching under my chest.

I get bored of myself,
Each day I gain a new grief.
When I want to sleep
The grief closes my eyes.

I am inside of trouble,
My lover endowed my grief.
Who says I have tears,
It is the grief that sheds tears.
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

Life Is Like The Inside Of Palm

Life is like the inside of palm,
I look at it is seen from anywhere.
I hold its hands secretly,
And leave it, but it is seen from here.

Again they  have caught a lot of grief,
And bring them for to grow.
To sprout the new grief
With the last tear of my eyes.

The last hope is hanging in the well,
It is on the edge of the rope.
A human being looks for a corner
To hide himself from the sin of the world.

Life is like the inside of palm,
Its end is seen from anywhere.
The blood of the faded wishes
Is seen on my hands.
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

There Are Human Beings…

There are human beings
Who are like a fruit tree.
Their fruits are abundant,
It is impossible to pick all fruits.

There are human beings,
Who are like a flower.
Such a flower
Its scent and freshness
Aren’t able to go in
To the spring of a lifetime.

There are human beings,
Who are like the earth.
It tells its word at the end,
There are human beings,
Who  are like a stone.
As if both your love and hatred
As if touches to  a stone.
Dr. Tarana Turan Rahimli

Oh, My God, There Are A Lot Of Poets

Oh, my God,  there are a lot of poets
See, how many poems come to life.
See, how many poems are suffocated
The rope of a word around its neck.

When the price of the words are so cheap,
All are like the shah on the throne of word.
Some  fall from their destiny.
Some fall from their words.

We turned to a slave in a slave world,
There is no way to be escaped from here.
Oh, my God, in the world, full of poets,
I don’t feel myself well.

Translator: Sevil Gulten


Dr. TARANA TURAN RAHIMLI is an Azerbaijani poet, writer, journalist, translator, literary critic, teacher, academic, is an active member of the International Literary Agency in Turkey and Azerbaijan. She is a PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of Azerbaijan and World Literature Chair of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, author of 7 books and more than 400 articles. She is the editor and reviewer of 20 monographs and poetry books.The work has been published in more than 15 Western and Eastern countries. She is works were published in Azerbaijan, England, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Belgium, Chile, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan,Kosovo and other countries. Poems and articles have been published in many international sites around the world, on periodicals and in anthologies.


  1. Incredible Ink Dr. Tarana ! All poems are excellent. My favorite is "They will recongnize me by my love". The first three lines Hit hard. "Some will leave their trace in this world ? Some won't be satisfied with anything / A body in a grave..." nothing lasts forever. only love. Your friend and fan, Barbara Suen.

  2. Dear friend, Barbara Suen. I am so happy that you like my poems so much. Thank you very much
    my dear!

  3. These poems of Terane reflects my emotions and i empathize with her completely. Sentimental but genuine. Loved these poems. Thanks for sharing.