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Beyond Borders

Bards of lyrics on powerful words play
Dispel darkness with wisdom display
Divine light gleams in every distress
Singing like birds throughout the day.

The glowing sparks of celestial flame
Lights in all gloom with words of fame
Indomitable courage and strength tame
Exquisite artististry is a loyal dame.

Bridges are built over mighty oceans
They find ways to forward the motion
Beyond any reason with a love potion
Make roads in desert with devotion.

Beyond borders travel on time machine
Weave timeless tales of magical dreams
Universal values have classic appeal
Poets of vision have invincible zeal.

A Good  Heart

A good heart is the key to beauty profound,
It can bring things to life money cannot buy,
It sees what is invisible to the eye,
Focusing on the best in everyone alive.

Having a soft heart in cruel world is courage,
It is a very simple secret mind can't explain,
An exquisite touch in smallest of acts ,
Spreads compassion, life is not in vain.

Beauty of heart is bright in gratitude,
Magical uplifting always in fortitude,
Kindness dwells in total exuberance ,
Strength of heart in easy forgiveness.

Unimaginable blessings in pure existence,
Even when hurt gives in abundance,
Leaves footprints of substance indelible,
Creates a world around infallible.

Whispers of heart is beyond any reason,
Impossible word has no existence,
All vices fail bowing at evocation,
When doors of heart open 'law of attraction'.

A good heart carries virtues enormous,
Healing love happy with passion,
Magnanimous in emotion and action,
Benevolent generosity in every fraction.

A Gift

Learn to see God in every detail of life,
Let the soft animal of your body surrender,
The world offers itself to be imaginative,
Move across moments of landscapes in wonder.

You do not have to crawl or walk on knees,
Nor be despondent or despair,
Learn from exciting butterflies and bees
Listen to the harsh calls of wild geese.

A gift resides in every moment of pearl,
Be still like the pebbles clear in water,
Make room for eternal to flourish swirl,
Expand in the garden of hearts further.

Whoever we are however lonely ,
We belong to solidarity in family,
Be not seized or grasped in being,
Receive eternal seed in your valley.

Learn the sound of your heart beat,
Listen to its whispers in solitude silence,
Take each step of journey in retreat,
Choose knowledge over veins of ignorance.

Honest Introspection

Take an honest look within,
Embrace the beauty and the beast ,
Detachment cannot exist,
When we have a sense of ownership.

Our attachment lends fake beauty to things,
Blinded with false pride of possession,
We often fail to see ugliness in being,
Deluded by prejudice remain in blissful ignorance.

Divine life starts with impartial motives,
Estimating intentions to practice purpose,
That lie behind our thoughts,words and deeds,
This impartial introspection sow true seeds.

Self analysis and self criticism are hard tasks,
At every stage self conceit, egoistic self congratulates,
Covers our faults,shortcomings deception,
The best time witness is not easy to accomplish.

At close of the day remains of activities,
A restful repose floods mind at ease,
The sacred hour for negation, assertion,
Seek to discover weaknesses, faults in transaction.

The psychological person in you is receptive,
The first analysis may seem like narration,
The ideal life lived by God is inimitable,
Fake charm of ego is then vividly perceptible.

Process of detention is to empty undivine contents,
On wasteland of despair is threshold of advancement,
Inner reformation is revelation of the day,
Submission is the secret of invoking divine grace.

Graphic Vision

The gift of inspired vision is extremely old,
Those who discover doors in solid wall folds,
Guardians of globe for ages in history untold,
The cycles of life to their healing unfold.

Generations to generation the culture passed on,
Mystical ancient wisdom grows ever so strong,
Continuous prayers for gracious salvation,
Courage to change without confrontation.

Peaceful existence by slow transformation,
Reconnect the soulful in one vibration,
Practice right action,speech and in mind,
Necessary knowledge accumulated with time.

Deep empathy for neighbourhood around,
Cleanse water sources,wildlife nourished,
The trees are strengthened,Greenery surround
The role is ingrained,cherished and flourished.

Darkness to light in deep reflection,
A billion stars illuminate for redemption
Soul lights in reverie for universal affinity,
Every living being in perfect symmetry.


Rhythm Divine

Rhythm of life in love is divine,
Passion open wings in freedom fly,
Force flooding fragrance is sublime,
When chanting hymns touch the sky,

Borderless music of serenity,
Bring togetherness in diversity,
Realms of resolutions is infinity,
Authentic rhymes of love is unity.

World is a spaceship of eternity,
Moments are words in real poetry,
Temple of wholeness built in divinity,
Travellers of universe dwell in humanity.

In universe our living cells outshines,
Power of orchestral wisdom enshrines,
Whispers of love is in loving vibrations,
Listening to deeper voices of veneration.

Angelic, philharmonic sounds in planet,
Purely resounds from heavenly concert,
Music of strength is in tremendous feelings,
Symphony of peace in considerate dealings.

Symphony of our earth consciousness,
Personal ecology in collective submission,
Solutions to matters of heart is not discussion,
Harmony and peace-products of coexistence

Sanctity  Of Sympathy

The purpose of human life is to serve in sympathy,
A Samaritan of compassion and help others in deeds,
To hasten to the weak, poor or old is pure gold,
Eyes filled with kindness for miserable in needs.

Sympathy has the ears to hear sighs and cries,
Feel tender like flowers in others dark moments,
To wipe tears of grief,silently hidden in mind wise,
To spread smiles and happiness in miserable moments.

To befriend a weeping child, desolate in distress, To guide the tired and forsaken, hungry to feed,
Remind the sad and sorrowful life is not a stress, Provide shelter for the weary,lost to lead.

Like a child realize the wealth of sympathy to keep,
An enlightened soul has generosity in heaps,
A magnanimous heart unlocks empathy,
Brings comfort in words and faith in action leaps.

Give company to lonely, infirm and sick,
Bring cheer to downtrodden, bury gloom in a room,
Lend a hand,share a journey and caring stick,
Appreciate and praise the efforts with goodness soon.

When the Sun sets at the end of the day,
Lift a spirit if you can in sacred existence,
Live in the heart and with sympathy stay,
Remembered with love and sanctity of compassion.

Seeds Of Friendship

Let's sow seeds of friendship light,
With a friendly smile,cheerful vibes,
A friendly word greeting slides,
A warm hug with healing lights.

If one person spreads smile a day,
Leading a blind crossing his way,
Holding an elderly on a busy street,
Picking up groceries for the weak.

If one person picks an abandoned,
Gave alms to beggars on roadside,
Gave poorly shelter and some food,
comfort the needy in rain or sunshine.

If friendly smiles could touch many hearts,
A penny or two to struggling musical arts,
If every person walked the extra mile,
And sow seeds of friendship on every path.

A Festive Wish

My prayers for festive season delight,
May you shine through clouds like sunlight,
Like magnet connect all friends and foes,
Keep a magical vibe of joys not woes.

May the colours of life splash around,
Music of love your life surround,
Best creation of parents be heard clear and loud,
All your ambitions in angelic moods resound.

Gratitude to all humbly your path guide,
Destination of your dreams glittering wild,
Create memories of pearly moments mild,
Take everyone dear along by  your side.

Be a healer of wounds and pains,
A rhapsody that clangers not in vain,
Stand tall after a fall in the main,
Learn in adversity and prosper as a gain.

May your life glow with loving existence,
Touch every heart with symphonic elegance,
Sweet melody from your voice in abundance,
Be an icon of beauty and inspiration.

Let your presence illuminate every soul,
Kick start your life with rock and roll,
Be an aristocrat of pleasurable ecstasy,
Reverberate as heavenly breeze of divinity

Regions Beyond Religion

Embrace who you are and love like a fool,
Universal law of humanity is above all religious tool,
When you enter a garden all flowers belong to a region,
Diversity of plants, trees, shrubs,grass unite without religion.
Music is a beautiful thing like a time machine,
A song, its lyrics,melody, mood can take you back in time,
It is like a family bonding of past, present and future,
Some high notes,some low notes but united together.
Poetry sparks and inflames one flame on Earth,
Binds whole world with magical rhymes of words,
All colour,creed, race united seeking one path
Riding radiantly in every age pierces hearts.
In tough war zones of turbulent borders,
When foreign strangers lead you to light,
When help comes from unexpected corners,
No religion interferes in realm of dark nights.
Art crosses all boundaries and borders of region,
Timeless and precious from beginning to end,
Line, shape,colours swing in melody beyond season,
Masterpiece unique is a wonder across any management.
Science and technology discover new breakthroughs
Make bridges across the globe to trace new avenues,
Humanity benefits in all glory and universal space,
Everyone has access and utilise with equal grace.
New savvy world has united to communicate,
Great millennium mind’s dream can come true,
A place beyond religion of human division,
The sublime region of divine intervention.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR is a retired vice-principal of an International school.She is an awarded poet, writer, Editor, teacher,academician, administrator, translator,reviewer,Reiki healer,Spiritual and Social activist,promoter of literature,a member of jury for English co curricular activities in schools,colleges and Poetry forums, honorary counsellor and coordinator of charity organisations. A published author of five poetry collection and a book on Reiki Healing.Many of her poems have been published  and translated in many foreign languages on national and international websites and anthologies. A passionate person in love with children, life ,nature, peace and all cultures of this beautiful world with a dream of One world.

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