Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Angelic Divine Beauty

Angelic divine beauty

Heaven descending with mirth

O sweet honeycomb my guiding light

Passion gleaming into your eyes

Golden eyes trembling flesh

My heart enchanting the breeze

Passion gaining full bloom

Pleasure of spring leaves dancing

Dancing into your loving heart

Heart of blessedness glowing

Its rays energizing my body and soul

Cheerfully happiness floating in the air

An ocean of love sweet breeze

Roses fragrance amorous ecstasy

Unending love silencing melancholy

Ripples of love in the garden of loveliness
(C)2018 Jean C Bertrand

Where Have You Been

Where have you been

Whispered the rain

Strengthen  my heart

Under your breath

Cold-world whistling wind

Seemed striking my bones

A lullaby within sleepless night

I'll be safe under your breath

Divine strength gaining

Blessings rays sweet ecstasy

Another amazing grace

Goodness into your eyes

O my stronghold sensible rain

Glitters of spring dance

Give me strength to sustain

All under your breath
(C)2018 Jean C Bertrand

A Weeping Pen

A weeping pen

Observing the pain

Nights and days in

The wilderness

Echoes of voices voices

Abandoned in gutsy wind

The pen bleeding tears

Ink spilled blood tears

Gosh o dark-moon heart beat

Looking trough their eyes

A misery cantique slapping by disastrous storms

Imperceptible treacherous gods ceasing happiness

Forgotten their giving pledge to serve

Years after years more tears under the tunnels

Happiness gone with deceptive breeze

Unending calamitous devastating their hearts

Searching for handkerchiefs to

Dry up tears in icy mountains

All lost in cruelty rivers

Waiting on the wind
(C)2018 Jean C Bertrand


JEAN C BERTRAND is from Haiti, a nature lover. God-fearing poet.

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