Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Carnaval Brasileño

Casting away of pious inhibitions
festive dance in swollen streets
parades with gala costumes
midnight brings a masquerade
sharing drinks with friend or foe
another Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro!

Sand And Dust Reign

Broken bricks of a shadowed memory,
lost to time, far-reaching the aged hands.
Once life ruled and prospered this land
now back to the earth as dust and ash.
Wheels, horseshoes and life left behind
abandoned without any pride or prejudice.
Recalling days of nomadic desert ways
well before cars or planes reigned sands.
Reticent view of laughter, tents and oasis
now buried in graves on the vast tall dunes;
trinkets lay about, shimmering in sunshine
the springs now dry, like clay blown away.
Walking the flat lands, life has just vanished
great black buzzards soaring high with intent.
cruising to the Northwest, some miles away;
dust, sand and ash resist the mindful matter.

Into A Palace At Chichen Itza

I was waltzing upon the rings of Saturn,
inhaled the essence and drift of Neptune
watching sand castles of tall gold walls that
were engulfed by the calm sea of tranquility.
Soft blooms of fresh white oleander flower
silently steeps in black tea with a pink teapot
as you quickly devour crispy saltines with
solid gold spoonful’s of cold Russian caviar.
Large blue needles dig deep into the vein
leaving your ears humming in the key of C.
I descry that black bitching stellar sky with
a kaleidoscopic blue-green lens from Pluto.
From atop the grand hall at Chichen Itza
sat Merlin, the wizard of the reddish sun.
Shooting atoms with a hand laser cannon,
Nicky Tesla rides by on a new Mars rover,
while hitchhiking along through the galaxy.
I was waltzing upon the rings of Saturn,
as Gandalf was playing Merlin in chess.


Walking on pebbles in sands of white
skyward watching as stars now peeking
moon hiding behind a blanket of clouds
lights from ships that are horizon bound.
Inviting ocean of impassioned blissfulness
beaming salty smiles and springtime hugs
admission is only the price of a sand dollar
seagulls and terns follow schools of baitfish.
happy dogs running free and enjoying play
a bright evening’s first star, we make a wish.
Pointe d'Esny sky at twilight a red/purple hue
serenity whispers in calming ocean breezes.
Shore birds slowly moving off to safe nests;
days are longer, and nights are much warmer;
with timeless footprints left on tall sandy dunes
the wispy edge of night on the Isle of Mauritius.


KEN ALLAN DRONSFIELD is a disabled veteran, poet and fabulist originally from New Hampshire, now residing on the plains of  Oklahoma. His work can be found in magazines, journals, reviews and anthologies. His two poetry books, "The Cellaring" a collection of 80 poems of light horror, paranormal, weird and wonderful work and his newest book, "A Taint of Pity", Life Poems Written with a Cracked Inflection, are available through Amazon.com. He is a three time Pushcart Prize and twice Best of the Net Nominee for 2016-2017. Ken loves writing, thunderstorms, walking in the woods at night and spending time with his cats Willa and Yumpy.


  1. Sand and Dust Reign and Footprints. Wow!

  2. great write brother poet, feeling the depth of your word craft,amazing and very deep.wish you more success.