Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Be Smile Once For Me

Be smile once for me
As a blue heaven for thy spirit
To be a remembrance
As long as this world be in ours
Togetherness is the brilliant memory
Which be unforgetful
So as to remind wherever to go away for traveling
And you are the fuel of thy heart
Which is still in thy mind
To recover all difficulties in lives
That's what you smile for once in thy life
So as a remembrance for the love
You give in the spring
When the flowers are blooming in the garden of daffodils
And i say to feel amazing for the smiling
Because of the leaves are full of green
Which never i put off away from a real dream
That you look like a paradise to give pleasure
As long as thy breath be in thy flesh
To recover all what i suffer from
That this world be a real fantastic
sm/22/04/2018, copyright.Singapore

All Are Changed

You look like paradise
That no sea at the coastal
All are changed
In recent years, the face is not like before
But you are full of destination
That might people feel interested
With your fresh water flows over
No chance there to stop

When Your Face Is Blue

When your face is blue
No one says you are not beautiful
As long as this world is acceptable
Only when you betray the love
I am in the love of your face
Caused by technology improvement
So as a memory of my hard work
If not, no single stone can stand up
That be a proof
How can it be,,, how can it be?
As one of the efforts be drawn
That this world still stands for life


You have been a flower in my garden
To produce good seeds
And look after all days and nights
From the wild birds coming
You are really the fuel of thy heart
To make the life be smooth in running
Since there are so many kinds of fuels
But no one seems to be better than
I gaze in the twilight to run the engine
That my yacht will anchor the seashore
How sincerely thank i convey
To Almighty for seeing which is the bad or good
Never be missed away to forget
You are really good mother for childhood
That make them remember who you are
Though their beloved mother passed away
Never the hope will be put away from the inner heart
You are really a rose blooming in the house
Whereas the blue birds are singing
In the evening they never throw their blanket away from
That they always respect from any angles
Never you count your tiredness in the rain
Although they are in sadness and crying
But you always put up your hands for solution
That everything will be like a blue sky
Which never passed by clouds in the day times
Really,,,really,,,I thank to Almighty
For His choice to plant my flesh and holy soul with
Since your coming in thy heart
You have been a smoke to make the cottage be strong
That never i put you off away from my heart
Never,,,never,,,, I do that as long as your heart is as same as mine
I am really in the love,and you are in the same with
Let God be with us from now and then
Till we are in the silent land
sm/19/04/2018, copyright

Love Letters

I have declared in my last love letters
That you look like a blooming rose
Never I put off from thy life till to die
And the love letters are a part of thy soul
Which convey a diamond in the love
Never be found in daily social life
Wherever you are,you are in the dream
That the love letter is a must
If you are not in my side
That the love letter is a necessary to achieve
Try to read my love letters
The letters will tell you the same story
It not a hypocrisy but is the fact
Because you are really like a morning daffodil
That i found under the trees beneath the hills
For so long i never pick up
Only to imagine all days and nights
That in my last love letters i write your message
sm/20/04/2018, copyright


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias ,May 17, 1958.He graduated from the English and Literature Department of Faculty of Culture Study, University of North Sumatra,Medan Indonesia in 1984.He received his Master Degree in linguistics in 2004.In 1985, he became a teaching staff of English language and literature at the Department of English and Literature, Faculty of Culture Study University of North Sumatra,Medan Indonesia.Since 1987, he participated to teach literature at the Department of Literature,Islamic University of North Sumatra.Since 1993, he taught English For Specific Purposes(ESP) in the Department of Economics at Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra,Medan.He was very active to conduct research and wrote some short stories and articles , poems in medias.Besides,he also conducted researh in Terengganu,Malaysia and Pahang as speaker or presenter in 2017. The topics of his works which were published such as :"Senyuman Menawan"(2013), "Lingkaran Pelangi"(2013), "Penderitaan Rakyat"(2013), "Suara Rakyat"(2013),"Katak"(2013),"Pemimpin yang Menipu"(2013),"Penyair Dalam Lingkaran Cinta"(A collection of Poems,2013), "Cintaku Di Danau Singkarak"(A collection Short Stories,2013),"Cintaku Di Danau Singkarak"(A short Story published by Fam Publishing,Padang:An Ontology of Short Stories of FAM Publishing,Padang),"Kado Untuk Presiden"(A Collection of poems,2014),”Humanity”(A Collection of Poems,2015),”Lighting”(A Collection Poem,2016) and some other works.

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