Tuesday, July 10, 2018



If You Are Poet

If you are poet
you have to be sensitive to life
the rest is of words

Timid gazelles
to the waters of fear
should be wrapped in love
to your branches

Without blinding your garden
living separations
at the root of a mushroom
the light should be filtered…

If you are poet
the Sears, the taggets
defiant makers
falling on a rock
can find the strings

If your are poet
Albatros swings
you must carry hope to all continents
not the separation, not the longing for flying tours
Hawks, eagles in the irwings
instead of war devices

If you are poet
shame on your words
like a girl in a wedding dress
you must be human
before being a poet


Everyone's God Is Like Himself

Why rains turn to tears
It's fits better to laugh for the clouds.

External mirror for;
man's hatred, land
before yous hine on your face,
his eyes, look, my name shot…

This is the truth
different God perception
and esma-I husna:
both Rahman and Jabbar.

It's the old people with the face of light,
it's like a daisy field.
young people,
this is a dream
God of children
he's helpful, like himself.,
loving, tolerant, libertarian…

Ticani's water whipped,
the evil head cutters
Godm ust be the murderer;
oppressive, arrogant…

Everyone's God is like himself.


The Hardest

The hardest,
behind bars
to relieve the longing of the outside;
the soil, the water, the comfortable breathing…

The hardest
Bullets, shrapnel landing in the cennets
overcoming fear in your consciousness
the tap opened to the day.
the drop that kills when it's forbidden to flow?..

The hardest,
the strength of your heart stuck in the image of power,
reach the purity of novice lives,
throw in a comma?
at the wrong time
to the end of Dawn,
did you wake up to the truth,
deciding or not?
the ones that were clogged up?..

The hardest,
convert to share uniqueness,
to commit to the stars like a Canary
the wind's vest,
like hazan leaves
kiss without hurting the land,
throw the kite in the clouds,
whether to string the pearls of the heart or not.
to the edge of the streams?..

The hardest,
is it permanent to follow the shadows?,
do you want a trail of children's sex?..
Catch time flies,
Put a kiss on
to the window of the shield train?..

The hardest,
fit in a letter
the warmth of your heart
a friend?..
Make you smile
resentment songs,
poems written to babies under CrossFire?..
Not putting a heart
that you love the opposite.,
one step ahead of the stars,
the timeless rooster?..

The hardest,
can't keep up?
early life fight,
can't download a saddle saddle saddle,
waiting to see the dream,
the hope of the gamze?..
Curse betrayal,
those who sell your soul;
burn a fire that won't last in the mountains,
is it a hot nut and fall into your hands?
your mother's home in occupied territory?..
Do you want to resent tyranny, blood-sucking
"execution auctions while signing”,
take a bite from the slice of the rest of your life?

The hardest,
is a Four Seasons,
the beating heart,
do you take the butterfly in the fire with your bare hands?,
is it a ticket cut off?
an unreliable dream?..

The hardest,
reserves the right to give to those who deserve it,
am I right?,
carry the light to the universe
even if you tear them up, the dark gods?..

The hardest,
breathe or breathe
the rest of darda,
share property,
“ No, “ is to be in the realm of being?..

The hardest,
burn in your fire
a string, a melody, a light…
do you rewrite the equation?...



NIYAZI YAŞAR  Poet ,writer ,educator. Member and director of the Democratic teacher movement. Kar Yazın Is The Editor-In-Chief Of Art Magazine. See , there's no sign of looking, and he's the author of his hard-to-find books.

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