Tuesday, July 10, 2018




Miraculously I found myself
In a Labyrinth, magical, enchanting,
Made up of nice words,
-verses and figures of speech,
Built on feelings of People
Full of understanding.

All paths lead me
To the center
Where there was no Minotaurus
Nor the hank of Ariadne
Was needed
To show a way of returning
For neither I wanted to go out
Nor to abandon this elation
Where everything is
An endless song
That everyone sings with their style
When it is our turn.

Invited are all
People who are ready
Only nice words to utter
And who wish
Nobody ever to mislead.

Only That My Soul Does Not Fail Me

I fear sometimes
that my soul will fail me
because of all passions that I quenched
before imagined altars
of my seclusion:
that I may wish
never again
to approach you
and with words
write you all my misery.
I know, you will say,
sober as always-
why misery
when now
before yourself
and before God
you turned misery into hope.

If my soul fails me,
if I forget,
if I fall silent
will I still be able
to return hope
in you



BILJANA Z. BILJNOVSKA (Skopje, 1948) is a professional (freelance)  translater , journalist , writer- novelist , poet, essayist . Most of schooling followed in the Serbo-Croatian language,  in Belgrade, and finished elementary and high school, and part of university education. She graduated from the State University " St. Cyril and Methodius " , Faculty of Philology in Skopje, on the group Romance Philology, where he studied French and Italian  languages, letteratur and culture.  On several occasions  abroad  in Italy  to improve  translation and intrperation  on the High School of  translators and interpreters in Milan. In her resume but translations from Macedonian on to the Serbian, language, equally represented translations from French and Italian authors in to Macedonian and Serbian languagis, and from Serbian and Macedonian into Franch and Italian languagis.

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  1. I'm realy honourat and proud to be present in this beautiful Antology with all my collegs/poets from all the world. Congratulations and success to all my friends from OPA