Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Where You Are

Your exit from this world a sudden
departure an emotional disaster
frantically searching for satisfactory
answers from a spiritual Father
promising a hopeful peaceful loving
forgiving hereafter – I long to be
where you are no matter how far or
which spiritual galaxy shown by a
bright familiar star – My memories
of you turns to haloes of blue as if
I am drifting with you to an
existence anew elevated to a higher
plane of existence despite my frantic
human insistence to understand your
unknown spiritual existence floating
between layers of revelatory
wonders – Oh how I wonder about
your spiritual meander whispering
your renewed spiritual wander
answering repetitive questions in
dream sequences of where you are –
Not really that far
I want to be where you are...


I know you are somewhere here
with me but I find it difficult to
clearly see in this emotional sea I
find myself drowning in – You left
so suddenly it deepened my melting
melancholy knowing there would be
no more early morning echoes of
sunrise reverie – Your eyes shining
like the brightest star in a distant
unknown galaxy looking deep into
the very cavities of my soul igniting
my most hidden emotions causing
welcome emotional electrifying
contortions of my whole existence –
Your essence glowing knowing that
we have become one being eternally
inseparable – Our love and passion
for each other radiating as powerful
as the sun but your golden glow is
now gone.

Are you here with me now?
I hear your voice but it turns into
softening echoes of nothingness
as familiar voices whisper in the
distance – Your face now a once
familiar haze as I reach out to you
and your voice like a gentle waterfall
flowing over smooth pebbles but I
cannot feel your velvet touch.

They are calling me now – Their
voices beckoning me to reunite with
them commune with them continue
with them – Exist with them,
They are here now, Your echo now
gone as I cross over onto that
promised spiritual liberating healing
shore but I will always remember
your soothing loving pure echo...

Back To You

Each amber morning sunrise I struggle to open my moist midnight eyes longing to see you once again in our promised eternal love den we created in decades of love shared from morning to eve despite life’s pressures to return each night to a love so precious we created our own rhythm in various sessions, so when I wake in the glow of another hopeful sunrise I struggle to let you go in our nightly midnight moonlit halo dance delight hoping to find my way back to you just for one more chance another timeless trance to hold you longer in my arms.

A sound a laugh an echo your floral essence still binds me to your eternal effervescence soothing my daily melancholy preventing me from concluding our daily liquid sunrise love story – I sometimes hear your crystal clear laughter in the morning breeze trying to put me at ease during this sinking drowning depression disease but then your healing uplifting voice brings me back to you to see me through yet another day without you...

I sometimes hear you whisper with the birds through the trees – Even the evening breeze feels like your soft silky caress to calm my daily distress of never being able to get back to you...


DON BEUKES is the author of 'The Salamander Chronicles' (Creative Talents Unleashed) and 'Icarus Rising- Volume One’ (Alien Buddha Press). Originally from Cape Town, South Africa he taught English and Geography in both South Africa and the UK. His poetry has been anthologized in numerous collections and translated into Afrikaans, Persian, French and Albanian. He was nominated by Roxana Nastase, editor of Scarlet Leaf Review for the 'Best of the Net' in 2017 as well as the Pushcart Poetry Prize in 2016 for his poem 'Trilogy of Rose/Esorfo Ygolirt. His debut South African Publication is due in August 2018 with three prominent SA poets in a unique anthology reflecting on experiences of Apartheid and other global themes.

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