Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Divine Calling

Beneath celestial heavens do I kneel
with crystalline gaze I look above
and to eternal glory I appeal
that be not denied divinely love

As our earthly home upon its axis
how can without love ones course be true
and the life we’re given that it taxes
so the colors of our lives within renew

A chance the wine of joy within the chalice
and smiles like those of angels do bestow
happiness bedecks our hearts just like a palace
the brightness in the eyes that ever glow

As night draws to day and its decree
this the only thing the pinnacle grand
and minds probing all with curiosity
to make bearable the life which in we stand

to that course forever and not to deviate
its purity rules universe and law
the testing of our metal and not its fate
where daily upon its strength we do draw

As myriad upon myriad of history shown
where shadows cast within our minds its doubt
and love its apex and wonders ever known
how children show us what that loves about

With stalwart hearts a man and maid
the beauty of the heavens share
become one and stand in shade
and life’s passions together wear

Oh divine thing and wondrous fair
that shines as bright as sun and star
how fallen from divinity so near
and its place of dwelling seems so far

Can’st thou within our hearts so clone
upon mankind its welcoming embrace
that dwellest it within our earthly home
and of its fragile mortality replace

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


So very many amazing things
beauty of life tugs at heartstrings
the height a man can reach to
and glory when the gifts are true

Submission to the voices call
spectrum of talents given to all
a measure of each within it’s presence
remarkable joy in their pleasance

My Lord beneath you I bow
prostrate myself the view me allow
with praise for the knowledge I see
bounteous is the perception that be

Indwelling mankind genius you shower
capacity for splendor that you empower
Voices lifted to you in praise
that endow us grandeur within our days

Articulation of an heavenly song
woven tapestry whose fabric is strong
sculpture divested the works of hands
magnificent music produced in the lands

The filigree of crowns in artifice
in every skill produces things nice
who among us will credit you
that as children copy what you do

With lightening you so us inspire
and draw upon our inner desire
amongst the rocks and stones we gather
searching for life and loves that matter

Like a seamstress who gathers dreams
stitched together in close knit seams
clothing us in royal vesture
a grace given by your gesture

An architect who builds dream homes
music of heart practiced by tones
in gardens where rainbows live
diversity of presents in man you give

Sometimes I look at man and see your face
you build those who recognize your grace
little pieces of joy in such empty space
and so many have lost it’s trace

The adversary seeks to leave us dry
to dam the waters from our sky
and parch the land of God’s vision
to hold us all in his derision

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


C. MICHAEL MILLER Voracious reader , love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, , love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and introduction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy , art , science ,history , and the great teachers whose words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time ,complicated , temperamental , simple , thoughtful , inquisitive , love the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe . Research on anything I want to learn ,exploring new areas love the back roads into the hills , writing and screaming on paper. People watching , inciting others to think,

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