Tuesday, July 10, 2018




Come step in silence in my heart
To never depart
Fill it with heavenly love
Let it be blessed by The Almighty from above.

Come make a place in my soul
In you i have find my goal
Our spirits and bodies have been entwined in love so divine
All i want to make you is mine

Come stay in my life forever
I promise to keep you ever and ever
I will love you till i live
This is my last promise to you I give

Spirit And Soul

My soul honours the soul in you
Where the entire universe resides
Its the beauty which is only possessed by few,
And that's how life decides.

The divine light is within us,
Which when we pray without any fuss,
Rekindles our soul and spirit,
And breaks the body into dust bit by bit.

This divine light which we should share,
And make all ignorant aware,
That at the end of life's road,
Our soul and spirit will rest in the heavenly abode.


To be intimate ,
You need not mate.
Connecting souls should be the start,
Physical touch later form an important part,
Of an eternal intimacy
Which should be pampered with ecstasy.
We can close our eyes and feel the touch
When we love each other very much .
And see deep inside what lies beneath,
Break the jinx and all the myth,
That body touches only can make
A relation so close that it will never break.
Touch my heart,feel my soul
To make you mine is my only goal
Make me yours so near and dear
So I can feel you inside me without any fear.


1 comment:

  1. Wow it touched my heart and soul
    I'm drenched with ecstatic love n passion
    So sublime lofty your goals
    How mesmerising intoxicating magical ur lines are
    Stay blessed
    Keep writing