Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Inseparable Islands Apart

You and I are inseparable
Two souls solely attached
To each other
Living in different bodies

You and I are
Like tea and cup
Former being poured point blank
Latter cupping the other with care

You and I are
Lifegiving drugs
Both insert love injections to
Give longevity to each other

You and I are
Date and time
One keeps on changing
At another’s conquering commands

You and I are
Passing seasons
At times chilled and cheering
At times damp and deadening

You and I are
Sensitive speaking symbols
No artfulness is there
Amorousness spread everywhere

You and I are
Elite erotic birds
Flying high fluttering
Their self confident wings of love

You and I are
Water and its flow
Challenging and chasing each other
But remain in a unison go

You and I are
Pins of pain
Pricking flesh simultaneously
Pleasing bones for not touching

You and I are
Tongue and its taste
One rolls to relish
And the other relishes the roll

You and I are
Pleasure plums
Swallowing each other’s dense pulp
Yet spitting softly the seed of space

You and I are
Invisible halos intimate
Compassing each other
With crafted corridors making compassion circle

You and I are
Islands incredible to each other
Gazing through our silent shores
Identifying intimate waves of completeness

You and I are
Interlocking passion puzzle pieces
One curling up into another
Fitting fully into magical molds

You and I are
Two parted palms of the same book
One is pressing the iron grip
The other is posturing for the pleasure

Espresso Eyes

Some people adorn their eyes
With cosmetic powers and feel puffed
Eye makeup is not something bad
Some eyes direly require such setup
Shadowing eyes, outlining eyes, coloured- lenses eyes
But her eyes were altogether absorbing eyes
As per his Honey’s objective opinion
While sitting lonely or sipping tea
She used to get lost into her world of dreams
At that moment her lost eyes looked best
Clouded by the cream of her dreams
All mellowed in the mist of mysteries
Her teddy-brown eyes looked heavily love-struck
Almond sized yet all knowing
Deep-set yet all dreaming
Inertly ignited yet all inviting
Passion filled yet all plain
Unusually warm yet all distancing
As per his words a masterpiece portrait
Can be made portraying “Those Eyes” only
Sometimes they say face is the index of mind
But in her case, her very chocolaty eyes
Was a magic mirror that showcased to the world
All that was bright intellectual and brainy
Her very espresso eyes can woo
Dead drunks and icy intellects
No one can ever escape
The seducing spells of those true eyes...

Your Love Is...Where I Want To Be

Your love is ocean deep
I am to consume every droplet
Your love is cuddling nest
I am to relax every hour, minute and second
Your love is passion velvet carpet
I am to roll on and on
Your love is ageless addiction
I am to be real royal spoiler
Your love is healthy vitamin
I am to increase its intake
Your love is spotless skin
I am to wrap it all around
Your love is sky high
I am to sour madly onto it
Your love is gifted divine fruit
I am to immortalize its taste in my mouth
Your love is personal paradise
I am to possess it perennially
Your love is poetic passion-fall
I am to ink my all till my last

Your love is poetic passion-fall
I am to ink my all till my last


NEETU VAID SHARMA is a proud Jalandharite who is replete with her love for literature. She is an author, poet, French language instructor and currently pursuing PhD Course in American Literature from GNA University Phagwara.  Being a passionate poet, she endeavours to reflect her intimate emotions through her books PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS and I AM PENNED DOWN and QUEEN’S QUIET PASSIONQUAKE. She is web columnist .Her poems are there on Story Mirror and High on Poems sites portals.

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