Tuesday, July 10, 2018




Inspirations descend
from the divine summit:
Poetry enters my soul
in the stillness of the night
through invisible corridors
filling me with awe and wonder
giving voice to my aspiring soul!

I melt into
the puissant presence:
Fragments of ectoplasmic dreams--
The words
crystallize and come out
in ecstasies of joy and pain!

The Sun: A Fire Within And Without

In a magic moment
a flame of fire
brightened  my bosom
bare and beautiful!
Resplendent roses of dawn--
Pink, purple, paradise - like
flooded my inner horizon
amid a pervading silence.
The fire stirred my desires
to spread their rainbow wings:

A microcosm encapsulating
macrocosm was born:
Fire the Creative Core within!
The unsubdued splendour
manifesting itself
in myriads of miracles.

O the big bounteous ball
shot with luminous arrows
reaching the earth
with unseen strides
to protect us all!

The sustainer and saver
diffusing glory with its rays
creating breath- taking beauties
and blessing with
billions of bounties:
The vegetations,the brooks and rivers,
the oceans, the sea-sapphire,
the insects and the birds
and the multitude of humanbeings!
Without your heat and light
the earth would be
a lifeless lump of ice- coated rock!

I stand in awe of the sun-
an incarnation of Agni--
The lord of fire
existing at three levels:
Fire on earth
Lightning in atmosphere
Sun in the sky--
The radiance that pulsates
throughout the universe!

Immortal Words

Darkness deepens
Chaos prevails
Lost in the labyrinth
Mankind wails!

O goddess Saraswati
White and immaculate!
Bless the earth
To transfigure the faces
Deformed by some
Dire Gorgon spell;
Deliver the souls
Inert and immured in the clod.

Play your lute
In the cacophonous world
And by sweet cadence and tremelo
Summon harmony and infinite peace.

Whisper the immortal words
In the ears of the bleeding swans
So that they open their eyes
To witness a new dawn!


DR.RANJANA SHARAN SINHA Date of Birth:29/11/1956. Education:B.A (English Honours), M.A.(English),PhD ( lndo Anglian Lit) PhD: Sri Aurobindo and the Epic Tradition Profession:Former professor (Dept.of.English), S.B. City College, Nagpur (MH), lndia Research Supervisor (English), RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur,(MH),lndia Publications: Poems,short stories,articles and research papers published in a number of national.and international dailies, magazine, e-zines and journals. Poems published in quite a considerable number of international anthologies and archives. Published nearly 50 research papers in prestigious national and international journals and conference proceedings. Authored and published 05 books: 1. Spring Zone ( Collection of Poems). 2.Midnight Sun (Collection of Short Stories). 3.Nature in the poetry of William Wordsworth & Sumitra Nandan Pant (Criticism). 4. Feminism: Times and Tides. 5.Different Dimensions ( Collection of research papers). UGC-sponsored MRP: she has completed and published Minor Research Project on comparative literature. Awards and commendations: Ranjana Sharan has received many awards for her outstanding contribution to titerature- 08 awards - Best Poet Award ( poets lnternational),Bangalore, Best Citizen of lndia, lnternational Publishing Housr, New Delhi, Rashtriya Pratibha Samman, Udaipur, Brajlok Sahitya Sanskriti Samman, Agra, Best Teacher Award, Nagpur etc. Commendation from the President of lndia: Ranjana Sharan received commendation from the former President of lndia, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam for her poem Mother Nature in her collection Spring Zone in the year 2005. Association with Literary Groups and Organizations: She is the member of many literary groups and organizations. Paper presentation and keynote address: Presented papers in many national and international conferences and seminars; also delivered keynote speech. Lives in Nagpur (MH), India.

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