Tuesday, July 10, 2018




eyes like drops of dew
the world is now revolving
in a rictus unknown to me
eyes the color of light
emerging from every shadow
phantasmagorical omen
eyes holding the salt of the universe
millenarian gospels
tied to the wind
eyes searching for a path
heartbeats rhyming on
the darkest nights
eyes pulsing
the flood of the veins
burning fiercely!


heaps of salt
scalded all veins
in a futile attempt to
unclog the hours,
blazing memories hurried
seeking the passage of time
a tunnel of light


i don’t recognize
my voice anymore
neither my hands
or my bones
but i meet the ground
with burning dance
hurricane beauty



the sands from the sea
keep dark stones
incoercible gestures
dreams from other times
unearthed rosemary needles
white tiny petals
caressed by the light
it also keeps new words
quartz of salt and wind
that name all absences


garlands of marigolds float over my body,
at the bank of the river an old monkey observes
unperturbed by the shadows of humans seeking
a path to purify their own existence

oblivious to the sadhus chanting early prayers,
i submerge into the waters
an existential trance
seeking the path to inner self

a myriad of pyres lay golden touches
to the holy waters full of scattered ashes
from bodies breaking the cycle of death and rebirth
- now free from all chains of mundane existence-
reaching nirvana or hell...!

visions flow from my eyes
get washed away as earthly echoes,
only to become one with the universe

far beyond i seek the horizon
a carnal hallucination
a quest to survive this enlightenment,
while the faith of the river scorches my flesh

burn it down!
salt the earth!
let this spiral of passion
that renders this woman so unholy
revolve aflame!


LUZ MARÍA LÓPEZ is a published poet, narrator, editor in chief, translator and cultural promoter from Puerto Rico- Caribbean. Is Continental Executive Director for World Festival of Poetry (WFP) and World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights (WM). Is recipient of the Kathak Literary Award 2017 – Dhaka International Poets Summit (Bangladesh).

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