Tuesday, July 10, 2018



O’ God We Are Your Reflection

O’ God, the sacred father of this world,
We are nothing without you O’ potter,
O’ without you we can’t utter a word,
You have blessed us with some hidden power!

O’ We all are your reflection only,
Following you on this pathway of life,
You have blessed us with a soul so holy,
And a moving body to work for strife!

O’ magician with your magical wand,
You always create awesome miracles,
You have threaded a beautiful garland,
And we all are one of its precious pearls!

O’ we bow our head to you, magician
Thank you for everything you have given!!


We all are blessed with this beautiful body,
A heart deep within and a soul so holy,
This life, this body is a boon to everyone,
And we get it to live only once!

Let this life and body be nurtured with purity,
Let it be nourished with a nutrient of serenity,
A word, that brings peace to working mind,
Serenity is a weapon that produces no sound!

Let this heart be serene, let this soul be serene,
Let serenity be flown in each and every vein,
Let it become a food of everyone here,
It is the word that creates some miracles!

Away from the noise of this crowd outside,
A holy temple is created deep inside,
Free from all the envy and arguments,
No hatred, no worries, no revenge!

A state of peace that fills us with joy throughout,
Makes us understand the real value of life we got,
A path to connect with that almighty,
A ray that eradicates all negativity!

O’ dear man, become a serene soul,
See, how you will achieve your every goal,
Serenity provides a peace and mirth,
Aha! It makes this rare life totally worth !!

God Is Great

He always wishes for his creation,
Whether it is animal, bird,or human,
He always wants to see happy everyone,
We all are his beloved children!

His creativity is totally endless,
He never wants anyone to be peaceless,
He is very kind hearted to all,
He even holds our hands whenever we fall!

To describe his greatness, words are not enough,
To pay for his blessings it is really tough,
Sky, earth, rivers, lands and this nature,
Everything is the creation of that wonderful creator!

This is we human being only,
Who never understand his power actually,
Even after knowing every truth,
We remain lost in this world’s myth!


Dr. SONIA GUPTA, from Dera Bassi, near Chandigarh in India is a dentist by profession. She is a well known name in Hindi and English literature with her solo four English and Two Hindi poetry books published. Her poems are a part of various anthologies, magazines & newspapers. She has been awarded with various awards in poetry competitions organized by various literary groups. Recently she has won a silver medal in a poetry world cup organized by Nigeria. She is also fond of paintings, singing, cooking, designing, knitting and teaching.

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