Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Sometimes In Our Life

Sometimes in our life
We need to stop,
And meditate for a moment,
To know which one is wrong
and right way of life.

Sometimes in our life
We need to look behind,
Not to blame and curse
those people who make us cry.
But to thank them,
because they made us a better person.

Sometimes in our life,
We need to step backward.
Not to remind those heartache
and saddest part in our life,
But to learn from the past.

Sometimes in our life,
We need to fall down on the ground,
Not to hurt us and cry,
But to get a close enough look
at the road,
To see that we're on the wrong path.

Sometimes in our life,
We met other people
not long enough to stay with us.
They were only there
just to teach us lesson.

God is always there for us.
Just be close to him
And he will heal our broken heart.
And he will help us
anytime we need.
© Mari Felices

Believe In Him

When you lost everything,
Don't ever lost hope.
There were always be a new tomorrow.

When things look their worst,
Stay calm...
you shouldn't give up.
That's your stepping stone to make you strong.

If at first you don't succeed,
Go on...
Try ...try...
Try again and again
Until you reach your dreams.

If one thing falls, another grows
Maybe not what was before
But something new and wonderful.

Alexander Graham Bell says,
When the door closes,
another door opens.
But we so often look so long and so regretful upon the closed-door,
That's why we do not see the ones who open for us.

Nothing impossible with God,
If you believe, everything will be okay.
If you believe, all wounds and heartaches will be healed.
If you believe, all your dreams will come true.
Believe in him...
Trust in him...
Prayers is the best weapon to take us away from harm and sorrow.
© Mari Felices

A Good Heart Journey

If you have a good heart,
It will reflects to your face,
You're like a bloming flower,
You were shine out like a star,
And you're always look lovely.

If you have a good heart,
Whatever the hindrances to your way,
Whatever trials that you were encounter,
You will continue to go forward just to reach your dreams.

If you have a good heart,
Even if the wildest animals in the forest
will kneel down just to give you way,

If you have a good heart,
Even if you're in the middle of the war,
They will calm down,
If they see you passing by.

If you have a good heart,
Even if somebody trying to put you down.
Wasting their precious time
Just to see you cry.
You will stand up again,
And walked with a smile.

If you have a good heart,
You will never feel alone.

If you have a good heart.
God is the center of your life.
He is your driver,
He is your pilot,
He is your captain,
And you will reached to your destination safely and happily.

So buckle up your faith,
Fasten up your trust,
And let HIM guides you to your journey.
The journey of life,
And HE is always there,
To the highest and lowest part of your life.


MARI FELICES is a simple woman a loving heart. She's graduated from Palawan State University and earned her Bachelor of Entrepreneurship. She is from the Philippines and presently working in Hong Kong as a governess. Poetry is one of her passions in life, a reflection of her heart and soul. She is a singer and a writer by hobby and her writings reflect to her thoughts and feelings.

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