Tuesday, July 10, 2018



The True Picture

i am still gathering
the possible answers
as to where and when
our lives converged
and the whys and hows
the chain of events
merged with what
orders the universe
had summoned
for you and i
to fully discern
who we are.

i am reading
between the lines
of every phrase
of our continuing story
and fill up all the spaces
with twists and turns
to narrate each chapter
that may lead us to the climax
as our book ends.

i am connecting every dot
travelling from south to west
and traversing north to east
on our journey
discovering the purposes
of intertwining circles
and overlapping lines
within the paradigms
of the world
we have to pursue.

i am putting the pieces
of the puzzle
by trial and error
as they interlock
and hold on, with hopes
not a piece is missing
magically the right image
and not an illusion
will come to view
miraculously transcending
the true picture of our lives.
Benedicta Quiaoit Ruiz
Copyright: 10/02/2016

The Threshold

what is left
of the last hour
when all that has
been said and done
flashes back in the mind
that moment of
last reflection.

while prayers are sung
for the cleansing of sins
would the last rites
pave the way
for divine mercy
and grace?

tales, fables and myths
are recalled
either as failings
or accomplishments
blanketing the pages
of a mortal's life
the book then, closes.

across the threshold
a new script awaits
at heaven's gate
or elsewhere
for the immortal's soul
to rise or fall
but who would know?
Benedicta Quiaoit Ruiz
Copyright: 08/23/2016

The Passage

rough and rugged
the initial path would be
take caution
on those sharp turns
and slippery slopes
the background noises
the signs confusing...
take heed.

through the dim archways
your pace becomes faster
soothing sounds emanate
from the hollow walls
of the smooth and narrow
take your place
to love the few moments
of your mortality...

the soft sounds
come to a stop
the twinkling lights now
serve as your guide
swiftly your immortal self
reaches the portal
where a dazzling light
to the place of eternal
at your destination...
you have arrived.
Benedicta Quiaoit Ruiz
Copyright: 01/26/2018

Beyond Our Borders

(in Haiku verses)

we are on our way
a journey from birth to death
life, as we call it.

once, it's all darkness
but the moment there is light
our journey begins.

far or near, we roam
crossing bridges on our paths
serving with our gifts.

we trek through stages
roadblocks are strewn on the course
insights serve as guides.

intentions persists
reaching beyond our borders
until journey's end.

Copyright: 03/16/2018


BENEDICTA QUIAOIT RUIZ: While still passionate about writing and travelling, Benedicta's last poem “Beyond our Borders” pretty much describes her own journey. As a senior citizen, she still wish to roam the world in search of life's spiritual meaning, and to serve humanity with love and compassion.

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