Tuesday, July 10, 2018



The Last Decipher Of The Bullet

The Bullet on the martyr’s chest
Cries, suffocates with panacea of blood
The iron cylinder screeches
Take me out, take me out
I too die with this man
The numismatic hatred
The cruelty and vengeance
The destructive deduction
The sadist plan of a few
The metabolic death of an anatomy

The bullet appeals
“Make me a ballot oh! Lord
I wish to win the hearts
And not be a prisoner in the ventricles of the heart
I cant be a slave of Lucifer
Washed away with the over flooded tears
The agony of death every second kills me
Melt my iron body
To make a tiller
To grow more and more
The planet needs food
And never streams of blood!!!!........

Here Sleeps  My Granny......

Here sleeps the paramount
Queen of a progeny
On the casket of a coffin
The techniques, skills
Of civilisations in her brain
Covered with grey hair
The recipe of multiple cuisines
Seasonal vegetables
Their preserving skills
she ties the dries  garlic plants
As the plait of a woman
Hangs them on the roof for next harvest
Maintains the Deuteronomy of the village
A trick on her tongue tip
For salty curry; she deeps a flour dough
Identifies the voice
Of birds and animals
Flying ants in a circle brings rain sure
She can predict rain, storm or seasons go
Stores the jasmine rice seed in a mud pot
Guards it day and night
In sanctity and scarcity
she preserves for future
Even though in hunger

The walking encyclopedia
of the village here sleeps
She teaches,  reaches and preaches
A serene soul; a healer for new born
All love her, she loves all
The dynamic heroine, sister, mother and granny
Gifts a genetic gene to the next generation
My salute to you dear royal lady
I genuinely love you
You are the angel beyond any border
but never kissed your head
Never tied your hair
Never put balm on your cramped feet
Never massaged your salty sun tanned body
Never you sit or rest a minute
Rotate in your own axis
Today I will say the last farewell
Will kiss your wrinkled face
The royal lady will walk deep into my memory
Forever and ever...........
Copy rights @Swapna Behera

Beyond The Border.........

Beyond the Forest
Always a new Moon
A new hamlet
A revived Sovereign

Beyond the buffer zone
Always a new Treaty
A new aura
A revived entity

Beyond the fences
Always eyes meet
A new love story
A revived alignment

Beyond the tears
Always a crescent smile
A new promise
A revived Compatibility

Beyond the river
Always anew village
A new farm house
A revived recreation
Beyond the planet
Always a new Galaxy
A new astuteness
A revived introspection

Beyond the perimeters of life
Always the premier moments
A new hymn for a free zone
A resurrection of celebration

Beyond the brain
Always the heart
Beyond the schedule
Always a Great Melody

Beyond the Love
Always the Greater Love
A new fraternity
A revived creativity

For me, for you
And for all... .......

Copy rights @

SWAPNA BEHERA is a bilingual contemporary poet, author, translator and editor from Odisha, India born in 1955. Her stories, poems and articles are widely published in National and International journals, and ezines like atunispoetry.com. Her poems are translated in Albanian, Italian, Tamil and Arabic. She has penned four books. Besides, as a teacher for over three decades at Mont Fort School from1984-1995 and Kendriya Vidyalayas1995-2015, she has received several outstanding recognitions for teaching excellence. She was  a trained teacher in substance Abuse Prevention Education .She has presented her paper on The Responsibility of Religions for a humane world in the National Seminar on World Religions for a humane world ; A step towards Inter Religious Dialogue on24-25 .2 .2017 in Patkai Nagaland. She was the Resource person in the Lok Mahotsav  Sambalpur and presented  a paper on Indigenous Knowledge of the people of Western Odisha in 2001. She was the Judge of the international INT’L Essay Competition, Nigeria 2017.She was conferred upon the Prestigious International Poesis Award of Honor at the 2nd Bharat Award for Literature as Jury in 2015, The Enchanting Muse Award in India World Poetree Festival 2017, World Icon of Peace Award in 2017, and the Pentasy B World Fellow Poet in 2017. She is the Ambassador of Humanity by Hafrican Prince Art World, Africa 2018 in the service of promoting the humanity. She is adjudged for the POIESIS AWARD for Poetic Excellence based on the Result of The Rabindranath Tagore Award English Poetry Contest 2018.  At present she is the Chief Editor, of Philosophique Poetical (De-Aanand), Manager at Large, Planner and columnist of the online monthly magazine “The Literati”, Editor of Radical Rhythm Anthology, Guest Editor of Fire Anthology, Admin of several poetic groups and associated with many socio-educative works.


  1. Hearty congratulations, dear SWAPNA BEHERA!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Dr Kairat Sir for being with the poems ..

      I am so happy and grateful ...

      Gretings from India .🌷

      Swapna Behera

  2. Thanks a lot Dr Kairat sir for being with the poems

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    Greetings from India...🌷