Tuesday, July 10, 2018




the lack of light
instils a chilling fear
as sensory input
has changed its balance
sight for sound

life’s precariousness
hits with a vengeance
and fleeting fragility
flows the veins

and yet
there is comfort
an invisible blanket
to wrap up in

an imploded world
like a childhood playground
brings a familiarity
that invokes completion
inferring the notion
no harm will come
in this thick nothingness


she roams the outskirts of the night,
the dark sublime in its essence and yet
reflections of the past peek in,
puncture her sanctuary, when pain sets in

like a rising sun, its unprotected rays
melting her defences and leaving bare
the inside of her tortured soul,
open to the intrusion of images

that have haunted it for so long.
retrieved pictures trigger a madness
just around the corner, awaiting
its cue to overtake, to seize control
and rule its victim’s thoughts.

she tries to invoke higher help
but her mind will not be healed
in this life.


cast on the shore of a sea
of people, he claps his hands,
seeking a guide in finding sense
in this disappearing reality.

surrounded by glass trees
in a fruitless concrete jungle,
the suited savages push him about,
oblivious to his suffering,
lost and lonely in their midst.

he sees the fleeting futility, the decay
of crumbling values. he understands
the irretrievability of any form of Eden.
with his eyes upwards he gets ready
to face the irrevocable end.


ARCO VAN IEPEREN was born in Gouda, the Netherlands, but has lived and worked in Poland for over two decades. As a lecturer at the State University of Applied Sciences in Elblag, he teaches general and business English, correspondence, and economics. He writes poetry in Dutch, English and Polish and has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies. He is a member of the Alternative Elblag Literary Club and the “Alternatywny” society, which organizes the annual “Wielorzecze” literary festival. He has published a volume of poetry in Dutch, titled “De tango met mijn schaduw” [The Tango with my Shadow] (1996) and is currently working on a volume of poetry in Polish. I hereby state that I am the author of the poems ‘Dark’, ‘Forsaken’, and ‘Marooned’. I confirm that Our Poetry Archive has the right to publish these poems in their anthology of Spiritual Poetry “Beyond Borders”.

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