Tuesday, July 10, 2018



So Alike

The air that we breathe knows no limit or border,
it cannot be stored or placed on order,
it's not selective to race or colour,
riches of royalty or poverty's squalor.

The visions we see of the earth and the sky,
is not clued to cultures and traditions that tie,
it's clear and bright and ever so true,
opening so many paths for us to pursue.

The love in our hearts reach into emotion,
but can also be chained by a poisoned potion,
like a fire that's wild hatred spreads its rage,
locking all involved in a darkened cage.

There are so many things alike in us all,
so many heartaches and pains as we fall,
for any to ever stand strong and tall,
we'll have to open our ears to Gods call.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

United Forces

Across the earth all life needs acknowledgement,
to be recognised as part of creations accomplishment,
every being needs to feel they're special,
and not just a tool in someone's recital.

When we look at others as we see ourselves,
we will find the same longing inside all dwells,
when we look in their eyes we can reach for their smiles,
that have been neglected along so many miles.

When we reach for the hands of emotional sense,
we can cross many barriers that are so immense,
we can see past the greed and the pain so intense,
reach into the isolation and hopeless defense.

The nations are lost there is nowhere to turn,
wherever we look there are fires that burn,
yet all just long to be happy and free,
so why not open our eyes to see.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright

Joy For All

Words that are written grow wings and fly,
fly across borders and through the sky,
sky carrying waves of music and songs,
songs delighting our minds and hearts,
hearts that are hungry for peace and love,
love divine that embraces our souls,
souls filled and overflowing with joys of life,
life spreading its roots into treasures so deep,
deep and lasting with fruits to reap,
reap of the harvest we've planted to keep,
keep and cherish as wages of our labour,
labourer did in rain and sunshine,
sunshine so bright and breezy and true,
true to the values that we pursue,
pursue every day to fulfill our joy,
joy and delight our lives to deploy.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS - Pen name ZARARIA YUL. Emotions starting spilling onto paper so 30 years ago, dribbling forth, bit by bit, drop by drop and in the past year it starting flooding forth, tumbling out into many poems which have created two books to date and a few pending: LET'S GO ALL PLATINUM is available on amazon by RVinc Publishers and PRISON B-R-E-A-K on tumbler by Spectrum Publishers and the ink flows forth for this poetess....

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  1. Thank you very much to all involved with this magnificent show piece. Thank you to all readers...I pray you enjoy all the poems.
    God bless all. Amen