Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Behind The Stained Glass

Where is heaven?
Where is hell?
Up there, or down there?
Are we there already?
Some say it is so.
Is it a point system?
"Stars" for your acts of goodwill.
Sitting behind the stained glass,
trying to soak it all in...
A beautiful place.
But, no one was smiling,
I swear.
Heaven and Hell
or nothing at all.
I had a taste of both.
Heaven surrounded me,
with love and warmth
But, only when I had no expectations.
Easy to remember.
"Happy" is just so easy to remember.
I just couldn't hold on to it.
Loses everything.
Don't get too close to the fire
It's greedy.  Want's all of you.
I expected Love, as if I deserved it.
Unconditional, from all.
I had expectations....more and more.
Lost it all.
Burnt and blistered heart.
I am there in gray, standing with the unforgiven and forgotten.
Trumpets above, screams below.

Radiating Peace

They are always finding more "earth-like" planets,
many light years away, that may or may not
sustain life.
"Mars" being one.
Start saving your pennies...
Would you like to be a Martian?
if earth was no longer an option...gone,

Would we pollute that planet too?
And then, we have to move

Our galaxy, the "milky way",
is but one galaxy among billions.
How can we be so egotistical and naive,
to think we are alone in the universe.
I bet they are out there.  "people, aliens, or a mixture of both".
They look down on our planet and see the color of red,
meaning "anger"...orange, meaning "fires"...and gray smoke,
of what we call "bombs".
That is earths "aura" that they see.
They are light years ahead of humans on earth,
feeling a magnetic negativity that seeps from every ocean.
They do not know "War".  And have no desire to learn this.

Yes, they know we are here.
Making no move to communicate, even though they could.
Keeping their distance for a reason.
Their "Peaceful" planet remains so.
Vowing by telepathy to continue anonymity.
They are safe in their starlit glass domes.
At "Peace"... no angry reds or orange fires of War.
No smoky grays of polluted bombs and chemical air.
Their planet radiates blue light... into the universe,
the color of "serenity".
We are not alone.
May we all think hard about the blue light of serenity.
Radiating "PEACE" without words.

Just imagine.

I Will Find My Way To You

Young and forever, he remains.
Escaping heaven when he feels her heart ache
“Just to hold him once more…once more,” she murmurs in sleep
Sometimes she is calling him on the phone…No answer
Never an answer. No phones in heaven.

Much time goes by before she sees him again.
Never knowing when.
He comes in the night when she forgets what love is
There is no talk.  In black and white
She holds him tight and remembers again.
Her heart beating like rumbling thunder before the rain.

She always wakes up sad,
But her heart is warm and full once more.
She whispers, “forever I miss you”.
She knows…

His heart is but one world away.
True love is never really



BARBARA SUEN is from Mishawaka, Indiana. USA.  Her poems have appeared in several regional and international Anthologies, "Potpourri Vol 2"~ "Dandelion In A Vase Of Red Roses"~ "I Have A Name"~ "Where Are You From"~ "Apple Fruits Of An Old Oak", "Women Poets: Within And Beyond The Shore- Vol. 2". “Tried, Tested, And True Poets, From Around The Globe” “Verses On racism, Oppression and Refugee Crisis. She is very proud to represent her state in, “Poetry Voice Journal” with several poems. Editor, “David Allen”.  Several Poems posted in "Soul Fountain" magazine. Also, in “Wildfire Publications”. and a very special poem published in "The Storyteller" magazine.   Barbara's career in writing began 33 years ago, when she began journaling with the birth of her first daughter....and never stopped.  Her passion is prose poetry. She enjoys meeting other Poets from all over the globe through online poetry sites.  Barbara eats, sleeps, and breathes poetry.


  1. Author Barbara Suen, I am extremely proud of you and your poetic/writing journey. Keep reaching towards your dreams. Your friend and Pittsburgh author Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).

    1. I can't thank you enough Author Renee Drummond-Brown for your continuous inspiration ! Writing is a like a roller-coaster ride. Up, down, loop to loop, upside down screaming. And when the ride (poem) is done, you take a deep breath of "Wow" and run to get back in line to ride it again. That sums it up! Have to keep the DREAM ! Your friend and fan of your ink, Barbara Suen

  2. Nice work. Radiating Peace is brilliant!

    1. Thank you so much Poet Linda Imbler. I don't know what part of my brain thought of "Radiating Peace". I look up at the stars a lot. There is no end to the universe, and that we may never know who else is out there. Or, maybe we will with technology progressing so fast. Maybe not in my lifetime, but they will find life out there. So far away. So very far away. Your friend, Barbara Suen