Tuesday, July 10, 2018




Faith without consent,
someone initiates me,
belief without
pastor and imam force
on me.

Tenets very strange
to me holy father
preach every Sunday,
thoughts never know
by ancestors,
imam replace with
bequeathed to

Language strange
to tongue
I speak daily,
economic life-
fore bearers
never know,
I struggle to practice.

Communal life woven
around social system of
my patriarch,
I’m compelled to discard
for a strange practice.

Medical care founded
on herbs, roots, and
I have abandoned for
chemicals and procedures
alien to my body.

Education embedded in
custom and tradition,
I have left for
from far flung lands;
nutritiously rich and
tastily inviting African
I have traded for parboiled,
junk from fast food joints.

Water-I have replaced
with carbonated water-
wine-directly from source-
I have substituted
with fermented

African wares with cultural
I have exchanged for tie,
suit, winter coat, summer
bikini, and fads far from
modest wares.

African science,
I have abandoned,
says-it’s unscientific,
not conforming to
Boyle’s and Charles’

my progenitors learned
from lunar cycle,
calendar now replaced.

Names very strange to
my culture-I take pride
mind someone
controls through
dictates-what goes in
by what I read.

Eyes someone feeds
with images,
ears-culture warriors-
control through
tongue someone
baptize with
foreign accent.

Faithful Heaven!

Heaven listens when man
it guards and protects
when in danger,
delivers and walk you through
shadow of death,
from lion’s paw-it saves,
relieves and comforts from
pains unconditionally.
Heaven may allow
trials and tribulations,
to prepare you for
glorious future,
but gives you
tools to navigate
today’s trouble waters.

Trials may last longer
than expected,
unending cry may
find abode in eye sockets,
heart may become heavy
with daily agony and torture,
mind may be overwhelmed
more than what it can bear,
remain firm-heaven will open
floodgates of refreshing
downpour and superior
soothing balm powerful
than all forms of
pain-relieving medications.

Is soul emotionally down?
Legs refused to walk,
hands on compulsory
palms stopped clapping,
mouth continues with
eyes become blurred,
ears remain closed
to symphony of joy;
today’s cloud will
thick gloomy will vanish,
thick smoke shall dissipate.

Are you still crying?
For pains from
unanticipated quarters-
treachery from siblings,
evil schemes from colleagues
betrayal by parents,
denial by children,
backstabbing from spouse,
injustice from society,
disappointment and misfortune?

Today’s visible and invisible
tears may run you down
face uncontrollably,
depress your soul,
knock you off your feet,
but tomorrow’s joyful tears
will compensate for loss.

Remember, today’s pain
is temporary, and
very soon shall go into
a dustbin of forgetfulness ,
when tomorrow’s sun
I trust you, you betray me
will go forever into
Heaven is Faithful!!!

Octagon Of Life:

Be Truthful

Tell the truth every time,
even if it’s difficult,
light your pathway of
life with truth,
cover no track with lies,
build home not on
for foundation crumbles
as soon as erected.

Build on solid rock of
the indestructible,
let your molding blocks be
truth-tested fire resistant
let your inlet and
outlet doors be truth,
let your life revolve around
make the truth
your watchword.


Let love be key
you hold from sunrise to
let love be the color
you bear from morning till
treat everyone with love.

Let your love go beyond
racial enclave, cultural and
religious affinity,
spread love beyond
brotherhood or
cover everyone with
warm cloth of love.

In winter let your
love kindle and warm
shivering souls,
in summer let your
love refreshes,
as it defeats sweltering

Make spring leaps to
create a forward movement
for down hearted by means of
outflow of love;
autumn-turn to an oasis of love-
through open heart of activity
fill with love when life
may be dormant or hibernating.

Be Peaceable:

Preach peace and live peace,
be peaceable with everyone
by your deed and action,
hate and division-keep away,
let your life manifest peace,
let your speech promote peace
and concord,
let your action engender
seek peace and pursue it.

Be a peacemaker
Not a peace breaker,
settle rift among parties,
Temple of Justice,
never corrupt
three siblings of peace:
fairness, equality, and justice,
deny no one.

The roadway of peace,
never make crooked and
pathway of justice,
continuously make smooth;
people seeking justice
do not turn back,
people without justice
offer hope.

Cheaters remind-
no fraud last forever and
no dishonesty gains
remains eternally;
tell cheaters to reconcile
with their past,
encourage cheaters to
seek forgiveness and
abandon former course.

Tell cheaters to make
honesty a friend,
hardwork a colleague, and
perseverance a confidant.

Be Humble:

Humility let your heart
display at all times,
modesty-your tunic in
public and private domain;
make your humble spirit
visible through conduct,
let every soul see
humility flame
blazing in you,
let everyone see servility
in you and
let every soul bless your

Know your strength,
recognize your limitations,
if endowed with
extraordinary ability,
build no temple of
pride and
never rent room from

Assembly of haughty
do not visit,
gathering of arrogant,
never be present,
hoity-toity- do not
make friends,
proud-keep at arm’s
supercilious and uppity-
keep at bay.

Be deferential-treat others-
with humility and respect,
be submissive and yielding,
remember honor and
influence are temporary,
but character is permanent.

Reputation is your public
identity and real name,
birth name a-mere tag-
that becomes a permanent
identifier after death;
let your dealings be
covered with meekness.

Hard Work:
May hard work define
your essence,
may it create a unique
personality in you,
let it serve as magnet
to draw men closer
to you,
odorous smell in public
let your palms advertise
let your fingers proclaim
you far and wide,
your industry-let it market

Let your ingenious hands
carry you far-flung,
your ingenuous heart
promote you beyond
seas and oceans;
your intuition be
propellant and
your instinct make you

Be A Teacher:

Be a role model by
your character,
teach, train, and
instruct inexperience,
be father to the fatherless,
teacher by example,
nurture, nurse and nudge.

With you is knowledge,
understanding, and
in your mind is wisdom;
on your palm is discipline;
give knowledge to deserving,
share understanding with
by wisdom train inexperience,
in love discipline the erring.

Be Generous:
Open your gates to the needy,
open your doors to the poor,
spread your tent to cover
fatherless boys-become father-
make orphans leave your
courtyard with smiles,
widows listen to them, and
may they bless your
soul for making them happy.

Physically and emotionally
empathize with them,
disturbed help carry burden,
distressed souls,
lighten their yoke,
hopeless-give hope-
wailers-wipe their tears.

Agitated-calm and make still,
trouble mind-comfort with
needy-never send them
away empty-handed-
hungry-you feed-
thirsty-give water,
sick-offer help-
sojourn-invite into your
tired-offer cold water,
encourage, and inspirit.

Be Strong and

Be strong in face of
never cave in,
never give up,
never be consumed
by momentary trouble,
power in you-make alive-
strength in you-make visible-
your heart turn to steel,
your mind-turn to
orchard of ideas.

When body is weak,
make your spirit strong,
give it-wings of eagle-
strength of a young lion,
power belonging to behemoth, and
wisdom of a man.

When it seems everything
is gone and
hope for tomorrow is lost,
rely not upon yourself,
surrounds self not with
negative thoughts
but let providence directs
your steps.

Power will be renewed,
strength-you’ll regain,
life returns to NORMAL.


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