Tuesday, July 10, 2018



To Catch Up With The Time

I am a digital immigrant
my birthdate:  from before
the Digital Revolution

I learn a new language
a rite and a protocol
half a way
to the Thumb Generation
to the digital natives
who instinctively express
their emotions
by clicking a key
who record the love
in the SMS format

Butterfly Wings

torn and wet:
a reflex in the glass
of mine
in a green dress

An Autumn Water-Colours

trees  are engraved by the murk

a handful of birds thrown
along with the wind
in the ash-grey field

the pallid  moon
lures the cold autumn

I Am Longing

I do not know
whether it is my heart
that is throbbing so loudly
or it is the rain
that is striking on
a window panel
so strongly.

An autumn night,
cool and wet,
a November night
is bulging behind the door.

I am longing
in my woolen sweater
under a  starched lining
and I cannot tell apart
whether it is my heart
that is throbbing so loudly
or it is the rain
that is striking on
a window panel
so strongly.


it is my nakedness
that  I usually leave
on my warm pillow

now  I am arming  myself
with a watch
a mantle and a pair of shoes

I will have waged
my everyday fight

and then disarmament
will follow again

I will return to my


in the scattered matzevos
is the fate  of a nation
which had been
thrown off
from the  pedestal
of life.

A blade of  the  poor grass
reborn out of  the darkness
is singing the Lord
a thanksgiving psalm

and  growing into vigour

into  green meadows of rising
from  the dead

Two Swallows

I am parting
the alabastrine water-lilies
of Luisa Famos,
a Romansh woman.

I touch her fingers
through words of poems.

I am her  sister-swallow
though my nest
is under another roof.

when in spring,
I am flying to
with a word,
in order to fly away
in winter,
with no dreams.

It Is For The First Time

that the spring  makes me abashed
I am not in a position
to look squarely in its eyes

I enjoy it
and I do not want it
at  the same time

the winter has sealed me up
in the dim nooks of
my soul

I feel as if I were a worm
brought out from its shelter
by a kid
with a stick

A Blackbird’s Been Singing  The Summer

I don’t like you saying
see you tomorrow
see you on Monday
the time like that
makes me doomed
to friable density

a blackbird’s been singing the summer
a cat’s asleep in wild thymes
a fence’s ivy-entwined
a poppy’s grown red up and wide
a pool’s all in nuphars
the highway’s grown treed
and  green along

tell me
see you then
see you later
but don’t  say

A Toy Smuggler

here is a report from Aleppo
a besieged city:
Rami Adham
risks his life
for children’s smiles

four of the Syrian borderlines
are closed
he nevertheless gets across

he smuggles children’s toys
in his HGV

kids desire them more
than any food
they quietly queue
to get a teddy bear
or a doll

they will brush their tears
more effectively

the smuggle has been invented
by a volunteer girl
age of three years
his own little daughter



MAŁGORZATA MARIA ŻURECKA:  [pronunciation: Mal-goh-zhah-tah  Mah-ri-ah ZHOO-RETS-KAH], née:  ZYGMUNT, born on April 15, 1956 at Stalowa Wola, is a Polish poet and short story writer. During her childhood and school years,  she lived at Tarnobrzeg (the Vistula riverside, SE Poland). Graduated from the  University of Technology at Rzeszów as M.Sc.Eng. (Environmental Engineering). Her literary press début was a poem published in 1990 in The SZTAFETA regional weekly in 1990. Membership of the regional WITRYNA Literary Association at Stalowa Wola. Since 2006:  membership of the Union of Polish Littérateurs (U.P.L.). She was on very friendly terms with late Wojciech Siemion (a famous Polish actor) and his family; since 2012, membership of the Wojciech Siemion Memorial Poetry Union. She has published 7 collections (books) of poetry. Her works: 1.PIĄTA PORA KONIECZNOŚCI [The Fifth Season Of Necessity]. Stalowa Wola: SZTAFETA, 2001. ISBN: 83-87840-52-1. 2.OSTATNI ANIOŁ GORYCZY [The Last Angel Of Bitterness]. Stalowa Wola: SZTAFETA, 2005. ISBN: 83-89930-07-2 . (awarded with  the  GAŁĄZKA SOSNY [Pine Twig] Stalowa Wola Literary Award). 3.W KAPSULE CODZIENNOŚCI [In The Capsule Of Commonplaceness]. Rzeszów: U.P.L. Rzeszów Branch, 2007. ISBN: 978-83-925021-3-5 . An audio-book of the same. Rzeszów: Wojewódzka I Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna, 2014. (Awarded with  the  ZŁOTE PIÓRO [Golden Pen] distinction by the U.P.L. Rzeszów Branch). 4.IN & OUT. DWUGŁOS LIRYCZNY [A Lyrical Duet]. Małgorzata Żurecka & Dorota Jaworska  [joint collection]. Petrykozy: Muzeum Jadwigi i Wojciecha Siemionów, 2010. ISBN:  978-83-61441-37-3 5.UCIECZKA Z KRAINY POZORU  [Escape From The Land Of Appearances]. Rzeszów: U.P.L. Rzeszów Branch, 2011. ISBN:978-83-927213-0-7. 6.NAGA MALWA [A Naked Mallow]. Stalowa Wola: KAVA design-Jacek Kawa,  2013. ISBN: 978-83-934804-3-2. 7.KOS ŚPIEWA LATO [A Blackbird’s Been Singing The Summer]. Rzeszów:  Podkarpacki Instytut Książki i Marketingu, 2016. ISBN: 978-83-63706-61-6. In preparation: a bilingual Polish-and-English collection of her selected poems. Her poems  have been translated into Serbian and  English.

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