Tuesday, July 10, 2018



More Then More

What is a man
Without God?
A grain of sand
In a desert
Without footprints.

What is a man
Without his inner self?
The essence dispersed
In the space that has no end.

Who am I
Beside you?
A purpose fulfilled
To be one with the One.

Art Is A Bliss

Art is a bliss
Of a spiritual being
Made of colors and words.

Painting with heart strokes
Where beats give rhythm
To soul dancing.

Words unuttered,
Love and gifts of life
Only a tender soul can capture.

Above The Sky

I see you in every hoarfrost
Born from the vapors of my desires
That this cold world
Freezes in untamable reality
Where there is no place for me.

I see your face in every snowflake
That falls from my heart
When warm rain of hopes is bleak wind
By the Celsius degree of this world.

I see you in a world you will create for me,
Where white frost is just for decoration
Useful in a cycle of things you fashioned,
Where I will have a place with love secured.


DENISA KONDIĆ lives in Belgrade (Serbia). She has 20 years of experience as an English  translator. In 2015, she published a collection of poems in 3 languages (Serbian, English and Gypsy). She is also widely published in collections with other authors and has participated in many international poetry festivals.

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