Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Leda And Progeny

The Greek female saga of
Ages back, still prevalent
Leda the Spartan queen was seduced by Zeus
Disguised as a swan,
Entrapped and entangled her in his white feathers,
made her the mother of Helen and Clytemnestra.
The serious crime resultant into disastrous reactions and
brought destruction.
The epitome of beauty Helen
caused the war of Trojan.
Helen’s elopement with Paris led to the
Fall of walls of troy,
Devastation through fire and Trojan horse was none the less.
Clytemnestra wife of Agamemnon has a tragic tale too,
She killed Agamemnon in love of Aegisthus,
and was murdered by her son Orestes.
The result of one crime germinated seeds of other crimes.
One sin gave birth to hatred
Which ignited others life.

In Search Of Solace

In search of solace,
Human visited varied lands,
Blooming flowers, colorful birds, butterflies, setting sun
exposed the truth of life.
Drizzling, sunrise and first ray on bare bodied grains,
reminded him of love.
Environmental degradation, communalism and gender bias divided the world,
heart was broken with pain.
In the world of suffering and agony,
Human is wandering to find peace and relief.
A world where nature is discarded,
Trees are uprooted,
house of dreams  are made out of concrete.
Such prosperity will lead man nowhere.
Only a wasteland will be left with
regret, loss and
a hope to bring back the rains.
The search will be endless until
Human realizes the mistake.

Divine Love

O God! The omnipotent
You exist in every particle.
You have the power to turn dust into gold and
gold into dust.
You are the Shepherd,
We are the flock,
I extend my hand for your support.
You are benevolent and magnanimous
Always keep thy eyes on your child
May be I am dust today but
Your magical touch has that rejuvenating power which
Can change the course of my life.
Many have experienced this divine love
Waiting for my turn!
Waiting for my turn!


Dr. RASHMI JAIN is a bilingual poet and author from Allahabad, India. Her poems, research papers and reviews are published in reputed journals and magazines like The Criterion, Episteme, Setu, Lapis Lazuli, Poetic Melodies, Voices of Humanity, Shakespeare Sings etc.  Rashmi is currently working as an Assistant Professor of English at Iswar Saran Degree College, Allahabad. Her email id is: rashmii.jain23@gmail.com

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