Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Beyond Borders

Behind the scenes
Beyond thoughts
Behind the dreams
What lies beyond lines
man put in place?

Will I find flowers
and seas
Or just bones
and tears?
Will I find love
and laughter
Or its cousins hate
and greed?
Tell me what lies
Beyond lines we drew

Where the men
are green
And the dames
Are purple
Where children
are blue
As they play in
nature's green
Compassion and hope
Peace and will
Beyond borders
we'll meet again

Beyond Seasons

Sewn to love
Knitted to care
Stitched to cherish
When all grows cold
I'm yours to wear
As winter's warmth

Threads intact
Knots still strong
Seams still hold
When all is gloom
I'm yours to wear
As winter goes

I promised to hold
I said I'd care
I wished to be
A fire by night
The sun by day
As winter remains
What of us still remains?

As winter does go
Which of us is to stay?
As it grows warm
Where in you
Do I belong?
Allow the rift to be.
In time I'm gone
In the arms of another
I'm worn by summer.

Beyond Hope

Below the meniscus
don't let me drown
At the edge of a shadow
I fear the light
Before a new dawn
I'm ready to exhale
I care dream
I dare to breathe
I wish one day
I'll hope again

If the sky should fall
At least let me fly
If the world should
Stop in orbit
Allow me to dance
one last circle
Allow me a motion
With pure emotion
I care to smile
I dare to believe
One day I might
Rekindle my faith

Before you touch
Promise to hold
me tight
Vow not to squeeze
But a breeze you'll be
Day and night
At dawn I'll care
If by dusk you're
If the sky should
A star I'll hold and
Be your music for life
I'll care to trust
I'll dare to feel
And with time
I'll love again


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  1. Well done Dear Poet Tapiwa! beautiful and bittersweet together in each line. Hopes of here and now, and of when time is done. I enjoyed reading these. You are gifted with the art of words. Poet~Barbara Suen