Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Confluence Of Voyages And Ephemera

Time passes camouflage of expressions,
rebellions of icons,
through folklores and multitude of beliefs,
from culture heroes
that floored the land of the free,
fighting for King and the empire,
once and for all,
the mnemonics of liberation
and defenders of human rights coexist.


Fuelled up by creative moods,
i fell in love with poetry;
it become a passion ,
wisdom creators—
just like poets from multitude walks of life;
from generations of interconnectedness.

Letters To Caribbean

i ingest stasis
when time dilates
from titans to neurons
of the night's dawn
in my hypersleep
and standstills

i am the battlemind
in the psionic class
of Earth and Venus
recycling myths
of up-down cliffs
in my nano reefs
i am the unknown god
of lightyears
of aeon lives
herenow, my existence
is the comeback
of all beginnings.


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