Tuesday, July 10, 2018



I Believe

How can I not
Believe in God
When I see HIM
In everything
I see HIM in the
Most delicate
Of flowers
And in the
Thorniest bush
Yet some deny
HE exists
How can I not
Believe in God
When I see
Most beautiful
Mountain scenes,
Rivers great
And small
How can I not
Believe in God
When HE lives in me
When HE laid me
In my mother’s womb
And let me be
To witness HIS Majestic
Hand in everything I see
To hear HIS words
In the heartbeat of a child
To feel him
In the breeze
Surrounding me
Yet some would deny HIM
Nay Sayers
See with their eyes
I see with my heart
I see HE lives
© Juanita García Vera
All  Rights  Reserved… 2015 JGV
Photograph.  Chiapas, México…. © JGV

I Should Have Been A Painter

I should have been a painter
If never, I could write
I’d take the dark and sadness
To hide them deep inside
I’d use the darkest colors
The grays the browns, and black
I’d paint the deepest pain
Into the darkest night
I’d paint the steep abyss
So that my tears could fall
Into the deepest pit
I’d paint a little garden
In which site I could hide
A bench along the river
To sit and wonder why
In here my tears would water
The most astounding hues
The Sunflowers of the morning
The close of evening’s dew
The Jasmin of remembrance
With fragrance sweet as spring
And when the long cold winter
Would lead my heart to brood
My Heart would  bleed  in colors
To ward away the blues
And when I felt the darkness
And sadness  settle in
A lullaby from Heaven
Would rock my restless sleep
I’d paint my way to Heaven
With colors softly blue
Just like the rivers grand
Just like the mountains blue
The distance grows much closer
Each night I paint the views
In that which I am lacking
HE softly colors in
With colors of the sunshine
And moonbeams in my view
He comforts me in moments
With light of morning dew
In God’s majestic painting
No words could ever write
All that my Heart is feeling
All that my eyes are seeing
The most amazing colors
That I have ever seen
If I had never written
I’d want to be a painter
To paint the sights
In view
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2017
Photograph Parque Nacional Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico JGV

Faith In Science

Some see miracles everywhere
Some see miracles   never
In between Belief and Love
Faith lives
Miracles wave far
From the eyes of disbelief
While they read Darwin
Finding patterns and solutions
To life’s mysteries
Calling miracles a rouse
Making light of all believers
Saying, “  How come miracles  occur
Only to the uneducated  poor” ?
Science is the one true source
That one can conclude
Will answer our questions
But the worm of doubt
Digs deep, gnawing
To carve out the truth
Miracles happen everyday
When your heart is open
When your Heart can see
Through the shadows lurking
Rays of Sun do truly warm
To our hearts delight
HIS   arms
Like trees give shade
To escape the plight
While the Soul
Does thirst for love
HIS Love flows in the river
From the waters ever clear
I’m bathing in HIS   stream
Miracles are you and I
And all the things I see
You can put your faith in Science
 I have all my Faith in HIM
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2017
Photograph   Baobab Tree,  Africa….Juanita Garcia Vera


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