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You Are Love- 1

You are love
That’s why
You brought me
To the existence
Just to enjoy
Loving me
And I so loved
The existence
Because it’s there
Where I can find you
Where we get together
Dissolving into
One another
As one and only being.

George Onsy
© 2015

You Are Love– 2

You are love
And so often
In my distress,
You surprise me
With a tender breeze
That softly soothes
My complaining skin.
Oh, such a bliss!
And I wish to ask you:
Was it your whisper
Or your kiss?

George Onsy
© 2015

When I Leave This World Shall I Look Back? - 6

When I leave this world
Shall I look back
To see my body?
It wasn’t perfect
Nor beautiful …
Neither huge nor strong
Nor sacred …
Nor even pure.
Yet, oh!!
How desperately You wished
Your deep warm heartfelt
Dwelling ... in there ...
Would endure!

George Onsy © 2016
With my painting (1988)

When I Leave This World Shall I Look Back? - 17
A Potter and His Masterpiece

When I leave this world
Shall I look back,
Trying to remember
A story I’ve lived by?
It’s about a potter heavenly
Who came down
To reconstruct his
Self-broken masterpiece
To live eternally.

It did cost him
A river of blood
That flew so faraway
To pour his immortality
Into the dusky bottomless
Ocean of all mortals’ death.

What a divine romance
Many would reject!!
Yet, we won’t
After we dive deep
Into Your LOVE
That creates a lived-by
Superior reality
Out of a rejected myth.

George Onsy
With my painting: A CROSS IN THE HEART OF SPACE - 1986
Welcome to follow the rest of this series on my timeline!

India’s Wheel Of Existence & Temple Of Athena

I was going to write a poem. But my words got bored. They revolted. They moved. They jumped up and down. They ran away from all circles of meanings, getting unbound … unfolded. Their letters got loose, expanding … stretching on the white horizons of my painting sheet to become long lines, entangled … interwoven by the heat of emotions until they form together shapes, figures and bodies … These are my creatures ...

O my sweet creatures!
You’ve come into being
By my lusting brush
As it’s been caressing
The very skin of
A passionately stretching
Painting board

I can see you
Trying to touch
Those legendary heroes
Carved on
The Temple of Athena’s
Frieze metopes
There, there
In my beloved
Immortal Greece

I can see you
Trying to move
My sacred Eternal India’s
Wheel of Existence
Round and round
Bringing to being
Yourselves and others
That are yet to exist.

George Onsy - Egypt
© August 2016
(It can go With my latest painting: ETERNORAMA 2 - Aug 2016 - 50 X 70 cm – Watercolors on cardboard)


GEORGE ONSY, an Egyptian thinker, poet and artist, born in Cairo, Dec 21, 1953, lives in Cairo where he’s serving as a prof. of Tech. Writing at The Egyptian-Russian University and teaches History of Art & Architecture at other academies. His outstanding works of poetry and art have been published in many printed anthologies, magazines and websites worldwide, particularly in India, Italy, Sicily, USA, and China. He has been awarded at many international cultural events in Italy, Ghana and India, invited by world leading literary organizations. As an active writer for peace, THE WORLD INSTITUTE FOR PEACE (WIP), Nigeria awarded him with ‘THE GLOBAL ICON OF PEACE’ Award, April 2017 and recently ‘THE MOST OUTSTANDING PEACE POET FOR 2017’ Award. Also the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU), Kazakhstan has awarded him THE BEST POET FOR 2017. His paintings of mystical themes have been exhibited in USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Ghana, India, Lebanon and Egypt. George is one of the International Directors at the WORLD UNION OF POETS (WUP), and is their World Contest Jury Member as also for Galaktika Poetike (Atunis), Belgium-USA, the Italian International Cultural Organization, VERBUMLANDIART and the Mexican World Contest 2017 as well as for Kazakhstan’s Poetry Contest 2017 and an active admin for over 65 groups of the international PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY. He’s also an honorary member/advisor for some leading international advisory boards of literature, like Kazakhstan’s WNWU, India’s SAHITA ANAND, TELANGATA POETRY FORUM and PHILOSPHIQUE D’ANAND as well as Canada’s WRITERS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (WIN). “VOICES FROM ETERNITY”, a joint book of Onsy’s poems and artworks with the great Indian thinker and poet Dr. J. Anand’s poems, was published by the POETRY SOCIETY OF INDIA in 2014. His second book, “Let’s be one in The ONE” including 108 of his poems and artworks has been published in New Delhi, 2017 by the founder of the same society, Dr. Madan Gandhi, the great Indian Nobel-Prize Nominee thinker and poet. The latest was a uniquely creative work in a short story form, “WITH Oscar Wilde” published as an ebook on the international website BOOKEMON. George diligently tries to establish new effective approaches to peacemaking, applying his unprecedented visual modelling system for analyzing Conflict-Resolution/Problem-Solving heated issues. The leading Facebook Page, AWAKENING-صحوة he founded years ago is an active Arab-International Forum to face such issues and other crucial world challenges.  With his pen and brush, he calls for a holistic awareness of our ‘Eternal existence in the Here and Now’. It is the ‘Poetry of Daily Living’ that has united audiences of different religions in Egypt and many countries round the world.  He extends this peacemaking mission through his ongoing work as a Board Member at THE MORAL REARMAMENT ASSOCIATION/INTIATIVES OF CHANGE (MRA/IofC)-Egypt of which the head office is a UN and EU Consultant. Having worked for many years as a film/art critic as well as an Art Director for leading AD Agencies, he has professionally been serving as a Media Analyzer and Advisor for satellite TV. He currently analyzes and builds up media campaigns for peace awareness raising as well as designing needed creative educational systems.

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