Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Pomegranate Kisses

the climate is rough crowd
the one who saved his life
it grows like a voice of love
rose leaf at the end of the thorn

from the volcano lava
guide the women to their foreheads

quiet, zero-gravity
the shadow of cyanide

happiness in front of the door
beştaş game in Yusuf well
for the moment
a red leprechaun

no logging
the curve of the unnamed us threshold
scarlet of joy
illegal street

that separates the moment from the unhappy moment
what a snore
dozens of unstoppable stones in his hut

your eyes without the muzzle
I'm not gonna let you go
I keep  pomegranate kisses


Sleep The Night In Your Chest
                    a long thin cloud
                    dove sleepy
             to the bubbling bubble of pain.
I have to catch up.

                    bird nails in his hand
                    it's over the mountains
             the joy of breaking your heart
I have to touch

                 the smoke break that sits in my eyes
                 which rules live
              Church of Synagogue Mosque
I should scream

             the last wind I've swung away
                    a silent Angel deceives 
                    he attacked me.
I should be sorry

                    nice writing
                    if I return

sleep in the chest of the night



the light of time
the eyelash that brings you back to the day
unspeakable pain in the sign
the flower that says " no " to war

the Silk in the cocoon
Astrid denial
The Curse of a tongue that breaks the chest
the shirt of the wavy climate
Snow White Swan
life on the winding

when searching for his first word from a human revelation
poetry, at the dinner table
open for love

death, loss of rain
my mother's Spring is coming, cerene.

crossing borders
no running at ten

we don't forget it, you know.
"now I think poetry is your face"

(*) Sabahattin Ali
sürela - tan time red



DILRUBA NURAY ERENLER: Poet, teacher. Put the night to sleep on my bed while the Moon is blooming , the Mother of the poetry of  Sürela. Cemal Süreya, owner of  Enver Gökçe poetry awards. Participant at the International poetry festival. She is a member of many literary and artistic organizations , activist.

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