Tuesday, July 10, 2018



On Two Banks

My heart dies on every envelope.
Kisses are red on the letters.
Longing has two pairs of eyes -
we are looking for a distance.

Wait, if I'm not ready -
I'll just finish my coffee and write another one,
and then I will go to the rain -
You will not see tears at all.

It's awkward when I talk
about love as about bread, and you somewhere
there you collect the remains of the lost ...
It is a pity for each crumb.
@Barbara Mazurkiewicz

Touch Of Spring

You sprout more clearly in my memory.
I look for inconceivable images and patterns;
an agreement with the breath of the spring.

You reserve time for a meeting, a touch
and the bare body of a woman.
In my eyes you will find naive butterflies
lured by the color of the sky.

What has fallen asleep begins to wake up.
How can one talk about drenched shoes
when water spills with a surface of captivation
— faint dreams of the mists become a realisation.

With a quiet return
we will find ourselves in the wonderland.
@Barbara Mazurkiewicz,
Translation:Artur Komoter

On The Easels Of One Day

Paint me, by the slippery pales of the roadstead,
where damsels mature like cinnamon.
There, I will let myself be lost to the end
under the domes of the shacks in the clangs
of the bracelets of the shamans administering the heavenly nectars.
Let there be a day that is late to turn in,
light and wind nudging with the leaf of the palms.

Paint me white birds, thrown in by an airy stroke.
warm up with a palette of colors the golden sand and the azure
of the horizon suspended by the smell of cocoa.
And I will take off my robes to ignite another land,
we will run towards the dawn until blood begins to boil.
@Barbara Mazurkiewicz,



BARBARA MAZURKIEWICZ: Chief Editor of e-literaci.pl daily. Cultural coordinator, an editor, a poetess, a columnist, a photographer. Winner of the ZLPand e-literaci.pl prices. As of September 2012 Ms. Mazurkiewicz cooperates with Non-Union Polonia Group in Germany and Holland. As of June 2013 she holds a position of Cultural Director on Polish Festival of Patriotic Song and Poetry „For God and Fatherland” of Wladyslaw Cardinal Rubin in Lubaczow. She organizes the following: literature workshops, meetings with authors, exhibitions – including her own works. During the years 2011-2014 she held a position of a member of Audit Committee of Head Management of ZLP in Rzeszow. She is a member of Polish Authors Association in Warsaw and „Witryna” Literary Association in Stalowa Wola. Lately her poetry is published in literary periodical „New Mirage Journal” in New York. She wrote over 50 afterwards for her friends in their poetry books. She has published a number of anthologies and few poetry periodicals for e-literaci.pl. Awarded with the Medal of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2017. "For the Services to the Polish Culture"

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